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  1. Bribros? What the actual fuck, lady? You don't have a clue about the way toddlers in a Spanish-speaking environment learn to speak and it shows. Stringing two br groups would be next to impossible for a kid that young.

  2. Thank you! I’ve been trying to sound it out for the past 5 minutes (I speak Spanish) There’s just NO WAY!!!!

  3. Um…and I mean this in the kindest way…you probably smell

  4. Omg I’m having an awful day bedridden with Covid. I needed this. 😂

  5. Was she getting percolated while she was waiting? Poor Kathy doesn’t need this hateration she was just trying to holler ‘conga’ in that dancery. Kathy and Kyle don’t need haters, they should try to love one another…it is a family affair after all.

  6. Thank you for this! Your languaging smiled my facery.

  7. Remember when Marilu used to smile for real?

  8. Yup, sound travels crazy far on the water. You can hear a convo on another boat 100 yds away

  9. It’s great when racing sailboats, esp. against newbies. You can hear everything they plan to do, and—if you’re in a position to—utterly thwart them!

  10. Um I think that kid is too big for the stroller

  11. Why's he bending that man over like that? And those shoes and socks.

  12. Are u serious. How have i never thought of this

  13. Obviously she doesn’t even read, cause like, who born in 1984 wouldn’t be like, ooh, 1984?

  14. Yes! And Larry Sr. Is gripping her so hard

  15. I have a HUGE backyard. We'll put up a giant screen and tents and have a bonfire. Then we'll all head to Miami for our cruise to Spain!

  16. Scrape it off. I used the thin edge of a letter opener. Worked like a charm, then reconditioned the leather

  17. I did so many things “wrong” when I was young: bad decisions, wasted opportunities, squandered money, all of it. But now, I forgive myself. Every stupid thing I did brought me to where I am today. I live a simple life and I am grateful. Don’t be too hard on yourself; things have a way of working out.

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