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  1. If you watch this guy's videos, he deals with people who pull this type of scam everyday:

  2. Nope she said “A nice foreign man helped her out and she didn’t suspect anything because why would he be so helpful?” They gave him remote access to his computer and fixed it over the phone. Apparently told them the wifi was infected with 40,000 viruses and she said she saw some code then It worked. The more the talks to me about it, the more my heart sinks. I wish I could just let her think it’s fine but we need to try to fight this and who knows what they have access to now

  3. The computer she used for remote access needs to be disconnected from the internet. They can get back in that way.

  4. What I've seen more often is that transphobes are just as disturbed by the trans suicide rate as the rest of us. But they don't think people are actually trans, they think it's a misguided phase, and they think the suicide rate stems from frustration that they will never have the body that they now want to have. These beliefs combined make for the conclusion: if no one is trans, and thinking you're trans makes you want to die, then we should try as hard as we can to keep our kids from thinking they're trans.

  5. Nah, transphobes start with their negative feelings about trans people first and work backwards from there, and I've yet to see a transphobe that didn't find trans suicide rates funny.

  6. Pretty sure even back then the n900 used a preemtible kernel so was a bit more advanced than just waiting for the next switchable event.

  7. The software on Maemo was high quality, and had tons of features that took iOS years to replicate.

  8. Look I loved my n900 but while it had more features it was nowhere near as good and experience as the first few android phones.

  9. If he wants to talk to other gay men, there are ways to do that outside of grindr. To me, it sounds like he isn't content with having a closed relationship. If having an open relationship is something you'd consider, I would talk to him about it. But if it's not, I would maybe reiterate that to him, and see if HE is ok with it staying closed

  10. An open relationship isn't going to fix the dishonesty problem.

  11. In the same breath, tell him he can hook up with his ex and break up with him.

  12. Fuck this is terrible. But they will lose the culture war. It's too late. The kids are gender-woke.

  13. This is not a given, it's a bad idea to underestimate the power of bigotry. We have thousands of years of history to show just how well it works and how much staying power it has.

  14. Call me hopeful. Queer people can get married now. So can mixed couples. There are still people that think "the races shouldn't mix"... but they are losing the war.

  15. "Playing 4D chess" is always used sarcastically, FYI. It doesn't exist.

  16. Nope. Communism is about the government owning things in common for 'the good of all'. Socialism is everyone sharing the economic resources equally, but privately. Free lunches is neither. It is just making sure that the least fortunate have a minimum level of nutrition. Which most nations consider to be one of the core functions of a government.

  17. Communism describes a stateless society, there would be no government owning things, just workers owning the means of production. Socialism is when workers own capital, communism describes the classless and stateless society that evolves from socialism.

  18. Bigots would deny that the concept of homosexuality itself existed, they'd claim that people were just corrupted by sin and chose to defy God by being sexual deviants.

  19. Not acceptable, don't make excuses for it. That's a line that doesn't get crossed and he crossed it. Being drunk might explain some of his behavior, but it doesn't excuse it.

  20. No. The only thing we can do is understand what the conservatives are and what they want, because the germ that exists in Uganda is present, in great numbers, also in the West.

  21. It's American evangelical and conservative groups that funded campaigns in Uganda to make homosexuality punishable by death.

  22. You know this was pushed and is pushed in Africa by 'loving Christians' all the time. Usually Americans...

  23. Yup, American religious and conservative groups are funding campaigns in Uganda for laws like this:

  24. I turned the first one off. It was just talking heads saying the same things over and over. I know there was an ending of like 10 minutes but i wasn't wanting to wait to get there. I may try it again sometime.

  25. There's exactly 10 seconds of the last ten minutes that are good.

  26. I don't go back and delete photos or whatever. There's no reason to pretend those parts of someone's life never happened.

  27. Meter reader or property assessment. Governments, insurance companies, etc all send people to assess the value of property, to see if you've made any upgrades or are doing any construction that may or may not be approved.

  28. They don’t usually look in bathroom windows.

  29. There's no evidence that they looked into windows, and you don't know what window is a bathroom window from the outside.

  30. Thanks for the info. What kernel versions did you use with the QCNFA725A and AX210? That Qualcomm model was something I was looking at.

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