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  1. Hey, I have Bipolar disorder (BD). I was diagnosed back in 2018. I started with meds first as my situation was dire back then. It took some very rough years and several hit and trials to get the right set of medication to work for me. I am also in therapy and have tried several methods, currently doing CBT and grief counselling. It was not an easy journey but I am glad I am stable now. I need to eat my meds everyday and have therapy, once a week. I am doing pretty okay rn. Some days are hard but it is what it is.It doesn't disrupts my life now that I have become really good at monitoring my syptoms and moods. I have a full-time job, a bf, friends and hobbies and I am being able to balance it fine.

  2. Thank you so much for your detailed reply. I am really happy to know that you are managing your symptoms well. I do reside in Delhi. Can you give recommendations between AIIMS and Medanta. Do you take your therapy session with a psychologist or a psychiatrist?

  3. Naah you look fine. Crush ko edgy kya lagta hai ye pucho. You dress better than avg.

  4. You're strong and you've got this! Here are some songs I believe apply to your situation;

  5. Haley. Could literally shop, gossip,and share boy stuff. All that you want from a sister.

  6. I love this saree. Can someone tell me different types of sarees which give a similar vibe (don't know the correct word here)?

  7. Your budget also invest in good skincare pls and a good high quality foundation

  8. I second this advice invest in a high end foundation do some research buy samples or minisize and test them out by daily wear to see sweat etc and see which one lasts longer.

  9. What redflags about a person's behaviour should we be on the look out for? How to distinguish good men from these type of sociopaths because they are good at hiding who they truly are?

  10. Scroll down many good posts about behaviours to look out for.

  11. This case is highly disturbing so I am staying away from it to prioritise my mental health. So I’ll not be reading the post entirely.

  12. Honestly i understand the tough spot you are in but i would say use all your time to study for neet. Because your reattempt is more important rn. So depend on your parents for some time.

  13. My dad to use beat my mom when I was a kid and I witnessed this very often. Sometimes he locked me and my brother in the room so we don't interfere. The thing I hate most is the days after my Mumma pretends as if nothing happened. I still remember wiping her tears. I was in 3rd or 4th class. He also abused me and my younger brother. I know this is not the right post to vent about this but my dad beat the shit out of me with a laptop charger he was heavily drunk and threw me out of the gate at midnight and all because I refused to share my phone password I was 19 at that time. And I want to scream loud that I hate you and I will never forget this no matter how nicely you gonna act now.

  14. I am trying to register i have a India phone number but it asks me put a us or canada phone number.

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