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  1. Thaaats a name I haven’t heard in a while... don’t even completely remember what it was....

  2. Yes. Eventually the cop will get frustrated and let you go.

  3. Extremely! If she doesnt have at least 12 1/2 she will never love you again and you can definitely expect a divorce.

  4. Ya, should pass soon. My side effects only lasted a couple days but if you still don’t feel well in a couple more days you could see a doc

  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure they used to be the same word. To come probably ment something like "to come to a climax" etc. and was then shortened to "to come" for simplicity and to but it less bluntly. Then the spelling "cum" was introducted to eliminate confusion between the naughty and the non-naughty meaning.

  6. I aim for either side of the bowl and above the water so it isn’t splashing

  7. Hell if I know. I bought my house three years ago and since September of last year been getting "we buy houses!" mail and texts. It's very annoying.

  8. I always text back at 3am or post it online for massage services.

  9. Duck pancakes I been told there popular in Chinese restaurants

  10. They’re normally more like a crepe/tortilla than a pancake and the duck is sliced up. You put some green onions and hoisin sauce on it and you got this bomb ass little Chinese taco

  11. I’m sorry, I haven’t slept in 24 hours. Would you be able to rephrase what you said?

  12. While dark meat is far superior in every way.... if you think white meat is dry, you're cooking it wrong

  13. Are those mutually exclusive?

  14. Dude, not at the gym. At least wait for them to be know they going to eat, ask to go with.

  15. “You look like you know how to eat, I was wondering if we could go stuff our mouths and then I stuff your other holes”

  16. Yeah, from my wife. But what's weird is that she got it 3 days prior and it didn't hit me, so I naively thought I wouldn't get it. (We also didn't know yet that it was covid because test results hadn't come in yet.) But once it hit, it hit fast. I remember feeling a bit weird in my head before going to bed, then just a few hours later I woke up in the middle of the night with a high fever and everything hurting. Along with a bunch of other random symptoms.

  17. Fish are cannibals. There are no fruits and vegetables in the ocean.

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