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  1. A player so good he has to switch positions because his team traded for a better player at his position

  2. Chaim absolutely is putting a premium on walk prevention this year. Chris Martin, retaining Brasier, Barnes for Bleier.

  3. Too bad he couldn't prevent Bogaerts from walking

  4. Blue Jay's manager being Bobby Cox is the oddest part of this story

  5. I'm just gonna come out and say it. David Freese wasn't that good. He still should be in the Cardinals HOF tho

  6. I guess we'll have to play the State Series first to see which teams get to stay in their respective states.

  7. Kansas city, MO to Kansas city, KS in an instant

  8. Pujols played at A, high A and AAA, however he only played one season in the minors and 133 games. 103 at A

  9. I'm convinced the mega slice doesn't actually exist. I've tried to get it 3 times and they were "sold out" every time and I've never seen anyone with one.

  10. I think maximum chaos would be voting for as many first timers and fringe candidates as possible with your 10 votes in an attempt to make the ballot as large as possible

  11. I have no opinions on his vote but every time I see the name Jhonny Peralta I pronounce it “Ja-honny Peralta “ in my my head

  12. Cardinals at one point had Jhonny Peralta, Jon Jay, and John lackey, so we were covered on the John spellings

  13. I guess it's too bad Pittsburgh doesn't have an mlb team

  14. I've seen similar headlines about various far off Avatar films enough times that it just feels like a meme format

  15. If I was a rich owner i'd give judge like a billion dollars but I probably wouldn't be rich very long

  16. buddy was literally the World Series mvp in the movie

  17. That golden corral on Lindbergh has to be the worst restaurant in the st. Louis area

  18. That depends on specialty. We have the hunk: Tyler o'neill We have the hot dad: Adam wainwright We have the hot frat guy:Andrew knziner

  19. Okay, feel free to see my other comment about the polarizing nature of Tyler O'Neill's look. Suffice to say some women love him and some hate his look.

  20. Yeah we don't really have a Kevin kiermaier consensus type hot player. Which is why I have options for multiple peoples tastes.

  21. Idk where you're dad saw this ridiculous fake news at but the real story is that they signed Contreras and he's going to wear the number 5

  22. He sold too quick. Once Pujols is in the HoF the value will skyrocket.

  23. Me holding onto the triple bobble head until pujols and yadi make the HOF then selling it for $1500

  24. Yeah but youre confused about the fact that there are TWO OWNERS. The owner of the team ONLY OWNS THE TEAM AS IT EXISTS ON PAPER. LIKE OWNING STOCK. THE OWNER DOESNT OWN THE STADIUM, OR STAFF, OR PROPERTY OF THE TEAM. THE TEAM OWNS ALL OF THAT. the only reason its even relevant is because something like a billion dollar stadium adds VALUE to the team and the owner buys VALUE.

  25. I'm not confused, you're just trying to, I guess prove to yourself, that you understand how a business operates when it litteraly doesn't matter for the purpose of the conversation. Yes I understand that the owner isn't personally paying players out of his pocket, yes I understand that when your talking millions and billions that everything is operated in a somewhat of a disconnected manner where the "business" is a separate entity from the "owner". At the end of the day the owner is the owner.

  26. So help me out tho. Because what does 'the owner is the owner' mean to you? Im not denying that they are a special figure as the owner of the team, and im not even trying to say that owning a team makes you less special than it does. Its fucking awesome and respectable (not in snyders case but oh well 😭)

  27. I mean you could argue that they are the single most important piece of the puzzle. Team doesn't operate without an owner to foot the bill, initial or otherwise. Oakland A's fans could pretty easily argue their owner refusing to put money in is having a much greater effect than any player in their success, or lack of success.

  28. Even if he didn't hurt those women, I don't ever want to imagine being that self centered piece of garbage.

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