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  1. @elidameow I make at least $100 a week! Check!

  2. Nintendo General Counsel begins to draft lawsuit

  3. This has to be nearly impossible without cheats

  4. I speedrun the Any %, No Major Glitches category. Most techniques are banned. Pseudo wave and water bomb jumps are allowed.

  5. How can you do this without dying at all, especially with bosses.

  6. Lots of practice :) the chozo robot fights were especially difficult to master. I still have issues with Corpius! Typically I get a game over 1-3 times a run!

  7. I spent 3 hours trying to do that and didn’t manage it once! That’s crazy! Do you have any tips?

  8. Lol I just got it for the first time a couple hours ago! It felt so good!

  9. Is it possible to avoid getting any items?? Wow, how is the raven beak fight with very little missiles???

  10. Possible to avoid all missile and energy upgrades yes but all power-ups obviously no.

  11. Any Senior level member of a sysadmin team should expect to lead by example. Some of the things you outlined are very basic to any job that requires monitoring production and customer facing systems. Your decision to fire him, although a difficult one, is the correct choice for your immediate team and the long term success of your organization. The effects of keeping an inefficient and non-collaborative engineer on the team are quickly felt. You will also more than likely amass technical debt the longer the bad hire stays, all the while, frustrating good team members or even worse, talented people leave your organization because of the way bad apples are kept.

  12. I'm still playing through normal mode at like 10 or 12 hours I think? No idea currently not able to access my switch to find out. I think the end boss has killed me like 15 times Alone by now.

  13. Raven Beak gave me issues for months. Try shooting him with 7 missiles and then wait for him to charge you and counter. This will skip his gold phase. Constant movement is what will help a lot! I also started to use flash shift when he goes straight down. Power bombs help to destroy the large energy ball. You can get missiles and energy this way.

  14. i been using swarm missiles to destroy the ball lol

  15. I didn’t know I could use power bomb until I saw someone do it on YouTube lol

  16. Team no sandals here, no one wants to see your dirty toes on the subway. Very sus behavior lol

  17. This is a management problem. Without specific definitions and scopes of responsibility, created and enforced by managers, you end up talking about power strips for five days. Entire departments of people can’t get their job done. This is solvable in a day! One time, I worked at a startup and since management was not stepping in, the team members of facilities began directing the work of the IT team members. Classic case of roles not being defined. Without guard rails, well, it goes off the rails. Quickly :)

  18. Nah I’m just more delusional than everyone else because I am cognizant of the delusions being implanted into me via the concepts of the 5th dimension. So now I pick and choose my delusions rather than allow my delusions to control me.

  19. What about 12D and 13D and 74D. It’s made it up. Man made, furthermore, 5D is new age mumbo jumbo.

  20. 12D is just the end for those in the synthetic source, it keeps goin up. If you can’t even comprehend 3D why are you trying to comprehend higher dimensions? And if this info is new age then I guess they’re into something because this is the most ancient knowledge. But it is surprising to hear that new agents are actually into something, to think I used to judge them when I should have been more open to them.

  21. Awe sorry to hear! Recommend any other spots? I’m interested!

  22. I wish I had better recommendations; I'm taking notes from this post. I'm not saying they're not worth trying. It's just after all I'd heard, I thought they'd be the best tacos I'd ever had in my life.

  23. Haha yeah they don’t hold a candle to tacos I had in Los Angeles.

  24. Commercial exploitation of Native American spiritual traditions has permeated the New Age movement since its emergence in the 1980s. Euro-Americans and non Natives professing to be medicine people have profited from publications and workshops. Mass quantities of products promoted as “Native American sacred objects” have been successfully sold by white entrepreneurs to a largely non-Native market. Native Americans object to such practices.

  25. What’s the alternative wait until they turn the lights off? Lol I agree it thievery but I’m not sure there’s much I can do but pay. Maybe I can ask for a discount?

  26. Hey hey nice! Curious of the route you are taking; nice work!

  27. I don’t have the patience to memorize all the item locations for 100% haha, I think 2:15 for 100% is really really good!!

  28. Collected each issue since #1. I was hooked by the first issue. I love all the imagery they bring in from conspiracy theory culture. As a kid who grew up reading about UFOs, government conspiracies and Bigfoot, I’m hooked :)

  29. Switch has been my favorite Nintendo console since the Super Nintendo 🙂

  30. Awesome! I started collecting last year, I’m at about 100 issues. What kind of boxes would you recommend and how do you categorize/label them?

  31. I go with those plastic BCW comic book bins. Not the prettiest things ever, but best protection I could find. And when it comes to organizing, I am probably not the best person to answer that. By the time I am almost done categorizing them, I come up with a “better” idea … I usually redo them once a year. I do use a great indexing app - CLZ comics. Best thing ever. Enjoy collecting! It’s been a lifelong passion for me

  32. Thanks for the app recommendation. I’ll check those boxes out, mostly care about protecting them!

  33. He’s hinted at an announcement in the first half of 2022. Fingers crossed 🤞🏼

  34. We should all post our favorite Spawn typos!

  35. Haha top 10 Spawn Typos lol there’s at least 10 in Gunslinger and King Spawn already!

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