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Pls dont kick sgt vasquez out

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  1. "He may not be the smartest, the strongest, or the most qualified to lead but damn it, he's here. He's right here, and now he's moving up. Truly an inspiration for all of you that yes, ANYONE. ANYONE AT ALL. Can make sergeant. If you need me I'll be drinking something strong and weeping for the NCO corps."

  2. Only had two bottles but the dragon milk and grain killed me after

  3. Bottles?!? Are talking the little medicine sized ones, or fifths, or are we talking handles?

  4. Like, never work as in he thinks he'll be self-employed, a self-sufficient farmer or something like that, or just determined not to do anything useful with his days?

  5. Really like that camo pattern. Also interesting you have M1 Carbines and Garands but there’re also at least one 1903 shown as well; a 40 y/o design at that point.

  6. all day? just a day?? HAHAHAHA strap yourself in bud, have fun for the next week or so.

  7. The bulldog absolutely shreds him. Throw a shock coil and go to town

  8. I managed to keep the upgraded bulldog with me throughout that mission, that thing absolutely destroyed him.

  9. There was a post on r dataisbeautiful a couple of months ago comparing Mississippi’s gdp per capita to other countries and it was still in the top 10% of the world. Redditors were having a melt down, it was glorious

  10. This place is so diverse. We have all shades of white guys in their teens and early 20s.

  11. That’s how it always go, parents do one thing and their kids want to do the opposite

  12. I’ll never forgive them for everything they’ve done. Tetuoberg Forest, partitioning Poland, the Kaiser being a cunt, WW2, being G*rman, Nakatomi Plaza, etc. All unforgivable.

  13. We also kinda struggle to notice when we're being lampooned. Borat is the classic example, most Americans still haven't cottoned on to the fact that we're the butt of the joke, not weird foreigners from Kazakhstan.

  14. I mean it kind of backfired on the producers. They wanted to show how ignorant Americans are but it just showed we’re really tolerant of weird foreigners, to an almost ludicrous degree.

  15. Redditors have a weird obsession with constantly thinking the world will end in 5 years

  16. So I believe a Marine got a DUI and then he's Hail Mary pass was to pay these island bois to character witness for him...LMAO

  17. Not to mention the modern Christian population in the U.S. have long since given up seeing Hollywood as anything that would aid their cause.

  18. I spent a very confused minute thinking this was the Royal Air Force and not the Red Army Fraktion.

  19. I thought he was talking about the time the RAF bombed that Nazi prison so resistance members could escape

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