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  1. have you had any luck figuring this out on your end?

  2. Unfortunately not yet. I am still trying and will update you once I have solved it.

  3. Thanks, if you get back to me with an answer I'll update the post for people in the future who have the same problem.

  4. I think I have figured it out but it probably won't directly apply to you. I had to add another iptable rule for the forwarding of my wireguard traffic. Basically what I did is that I have created another interface just for the wireguard traffic and that interface I have to also masquerade:

  5. While searching the web, I came across your post here. Thank you for commenting and for thanks to the guy, which created these instructions.

  6. The formatting is messed up here. Everytime I edit it, I have to add newlines to every code line, so I will just write, that the indentation in line 4 is correct in the config file.

  7. What do you mean by body or camera? Isn't that the same in this case?

  8. More like a pair of bodycaps with this price

  9. The formatting wasn't working right. I put step 2, 3, and 4 into a

  10. Ok guys, I figured it out myself. I took out the four screws on the silver, the three little ones on the side and the three black ones. Then gently took it apart, took down the golden ring, and below there were two loose screws (1-2 turn arounds)... I took everything together and now everything is fine... I'm happy :) Here are some pictures:

  11. Puh, I am glad for you. Not working modern lenses always give me sweaty palms.

  12. I solved something very similar some time ago, where I have a big storage, where all containers can access to. Is this what you mean by datatset?

  13. Basically but on the mirror raid. In my case on the “StorageTank”. Besides the LXC disks a folder to store files.

  14. Have you configured LXC A as a router? It sounds like it’s only got one interface.

  15. I did my research and indeed this was the right hint. It works now and I thank you.

  16. I mean if it only has a bridge to the other container it shouldn't be able to access the Internet, just to talk to each other. So yeah.

  17. But if the one bridge is mainly configured to habe the gateway to the internet? Couldn't I tell other containers to choose LXC A as a gateway and tell LXC A to choose the gateway from the bridge as a gateway?

  18. I would probably take the APS-C together with the kit lense or the 28mm. From a photography perspective, both cameras will deliver equal outputs, however the weight and the fear of getting broken/stolen would be more important to me not to have.

  19. Is it ok to talk to them about that? I mostly want to credit them but would feel bad to "dig" into the reason.

  20. I went with the owncloud client for this reason. It hangs up the entire right-click process and never completes. This seems to be from a recent desktop client update.

  21. I tried Owncloud and it immediately solved my issue. Will definitely recommend using it. Thanks for the tip!

  22. Odds are IPv6 wouldn't need any effort, but also odds are you want IPv4 (and likely don't care about or hate IPv6).

  23. Hey yeah, I haven't though about IPv6 to be honest. If that's an idea worth pursuing, I will look into it in more detail.

  24. Network B needs a way to send to the Internet, is that via the router for A? Will the router for A perform NAT for network B? If so the router for B doesn't need to perform NAT, otherwise the router for B is where you configure the NAT for network B.

  25. Thanks, I will take that into account. Exactly, router B accesses the internet over router A and I haven't configured NAT on router A for the decices fro. Network B.

  26. Super nice setup. May I ask about the size of your table?

  27. Ah perfect. I was wondering, since it looks proper deep.

  28. Not like - hey, I might be from the 80s or something.

  29. Smartwear with sleep and fitness tracker with selfhosted backend

  30. I wrote a backend-frontend for almost exactly that. I am using Gadgetbridge to extract the data as sql lite database and handle it to my server, which uses flask (python) as a backend to communicate witht the sql database. Requests are made from the frontend, written in VueJS, which shows graphical overview about sleep, steps, blood, and even workouts. I think it's a super duper project to get started. I made it, that it even fetches weather and stuff.

  31. From the ones that work, which one can you recommend as per optic quality? I am looking for a point and shoot already for longer but can't decide which one to get.

  32. My two favorites here are my Canon sure shot z115 or the Olympus Stylus zoom 70.

  33. Technically a good idea. Back the, I was also considering that step. However, I wanted less video features and therefore went with an A6300.

  34. Awesome! For me it's between the 6100 and 6400. 6400 seems like the no brainer between the two as far as value goes! I really want that new autofocus AI and everything

  35. I honestly believe, that the A6400 will be exactly for you. I was also having an eye on the A6100 but supposedly the material is more on the plastic side.

  36. Is that battery grip also suitabke for the A7IV and A9II?

  37. Yeah, I took it off my IV and put right into this. I have to get a new remote though. The V only uses Bluetooth I guess.

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