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  1. YTA, that's definitely not an emergency and you should have just waited. Your teacher has a right to switch off at the weekends and not be available for stupid shit like this 24/7. Her availability was extremely clearly stated.

  2. Stock accounting, and tracking use and wastage patterns over time (depending on how thorough your manager/employer is about it)

  3. NTA. It's potentially dangerous for kids to swim unsupervised, and not only would you feel guilty if someone got hurt, you might be legally liable as well, so it's well within your right to not allow them to use it. These people need to learn boundaries!!

  4. NTA. I say this as a dog lover, who would GLADLY bring my dog everywhere with me if it was convenient and comfortable. But it's not. The office is for humans to do work. Being able to bring a dog is a nice bonus but it can't come at the expense of a human's physical discomfort.

  5. I just left hospitality after 7 years, bartending for the last 2. It's weird to be sitting at a desk. At first I couldn't understand what office people do all day. But you get used to it. Doing data entry, you get given tasks just like in service. They're just different tasks which don't kill your feet and break your back (as long as you're sitting properly lol).

  6. Congrats! This is my plan as well. Been at my current establishment for 7 years but 10 years of industry experience. I’m finishing up my BA and maybe my masters and hope to get into business process improvement.

  7. For so long I've just been like "but what do office people even DO all day??" There's nothing to clean or restock 😅

  8. Sounds like you are missing the social aspect by doing data entry?

  9. It's not a problem for me, I just really don't want to be doing two jobs

  10. NAH. I don't understand what person actually would wear white to someone's wedding - there's literally every other colour in the whole world. But also it was only partly white - a dress with white, not "a white dress."

  11. LMK when you find an easy job with a high salary, I'm very interested

  12. We do straw tests but if I was worried about wasting straws, I'd just sip a barspoonful and immediately put the barspoon in the glasswash.

  13. sometimes I use a shot glass to taste like, 10mL. Works best if you make direct eye contact with your boss.

  14. Nice, im staying at an all inclusive place and had my first caiprihina (spelling), and have had about 10 since then. They have a reassuring taste of alcohol but dont seem to be mixed that well, is it normal to taste only cahaca until the very bottom when you get the lime and sugar?

  15. I work in a Latin themed chain restaurant bar and the caip (caipirinha) is our speciality. It requires elbow grease to muddle properly, you gotta muddle the shit out of the limes and sugar first, then add crushed ice and cachaca and really give it a thorough mixing with the flat end of the bar spoon. I get so annoyed when a manager or supervisor 'helps' out on the bar and I get empty caip glasses coming back the the glasswash with a layer of sugar on the bottom..... telltale sign it wasn't mixed right!

  16. Yeah each one of mine has had a big brown sediment in the bottom rip

  17. hopefully you can get a stir stick or spoon and just keep mixing it yourself?

  18. I am not (yet) a parent and I don't work with kids, so I have no expertise here, but maybe the instructor could just ignore the kid who is misbehaving? Like (and I don't meant this to sound insulting or derogatory, please understand) in positive reinforcement dog training, unwanted behaviours are simply ignored whilst desired behaviours are rewarded, leading to habits of the desired behaviour being repeated and the unwanted behaviours becoming less frequent.

  19. It's literally called anti-work. It's created for people who want to end work, that is, to end the employer-employee relationship and to end the system of wage labour (working for money to buy necessities)

  20. Wanting to protect people from exploitation under systems where wage labour exists is a part of that, but it's not the future to which this subreddit aspires.

  21. Basically, this subreddit was created to think BIG. Big ideas, ouside the box. People who come here and aren't yet familiar with the concept of a society where labour, services, goods and necessities are traded and shared without the use of money are missing the point. They are thinking small.

  22. NTA. Your explanation of the situation makes it seem like your motives are gentle. However now that she has asked you to stop, you should stop. She's a grown adult and can overfill herself if she wants to. If you continue to say something about it it will become a problem between you two and it doesn't need to be.

  23. NTA. The person giving birth must always have the final word on who they want to be there with them. You don't need a reason. It's literally all about you and what makes you comfortable and safe in a high stress and scary event.

  24. When I read 'hospitals' (presumably an autocorrect) and read on about her saying she had to stay because no one showed up.... I was like, that's awful but good of her because of the patients. THEN I reread and realised it's HOSPITALITY???? fuck that shit!!!!!

  25. NTA that's a lovely thing to do, for all the right reasons. You're paying for your daughter's entire wedding so she sounds like she is acting spoiled just because she has to pay for the dress. The joy you've brought to this other young woman and her family is beautiful.

  26. NTA, BUT I really think you need to purchase makeup for Jake to use so he can still express himself while not taking his sister's things. The problem here is taking someone else's stuff, not that he wants to dress up.

  27. NTA. Also the person who told you off for showing your scars needs to mind their f**king business!!!!! That's so out of line for them to butt in.

  28. NTA she obviously should not be paid for a job she didn't do as agreed..... with terrible consequences. I'm so sorry.

  29. NTA, this is fucking hilarious and I think you're amazing

  30. I absolutely would not go back to serving, I hate it

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