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  1. Ma man...people think introverts are sad when alone,what they don't understand that's is that's the most special and happiest moments

  2. Tell me I'm not the only one who parties alone all night, dancing at the mirror and making toasts to myself 😂. That's like my favourite activity after a long week.

  3. I lock the door with a padlock as if I am not there. And watch people (neighbors/friends) knock and leave from one of my bedroom windows - like the creep I am. If they call (phone on silent) I take it and whisper that I'm in a meeting in town

  4. This is totally me😂‼️ Difference is if they call I'll text , "I'm in class" or "I'm on the road, it's too noisy."

  5. I hate guys who litter, get inside my pockets or bag and you'll see wrappers, either find a place to trash them or carry them

  6. I place wrappers in his pockets too btw🤭. One good habit I acquired...

  7. Douchiest? I’m anxious and socially awkward and barely go out unless necessary or accompanying someone.

  8. I thought I was alone. I never speak unless spoken to or I need specific information. Alcohol gives me badass confidence, when I'm drunk I can speak to anyone, including people I don't even know. The flip side is I talk alot when I'm comfortable, especially around my really close friends.

  9. My life fell apart this spring. I won't get into the weepy details here, because it isn't relevant other than as a catalyst.

  10. I really wish I had a car of my own. The peace that comes with driving while listening to "your type of music" along self chosen paths, incomparable😩😩

  11. That's his point. There are plenty of good men around, but you don't see it since you think you deserve the best of the best of the 1%, when you don't have anything to offer yourself.

  12. Does OP not realize this is just pasta? How gullible can people be

  13. If you do it in your bed. Do it in your kid's bed. They'll just think they peed themselves.

  14. Too many things to list, but here's one key one:

  15. When he confessed that he's still fantasizing about the kinky sex he use to have with his exes, online with the intention of attacking me. Later on he switches up and says he never meant He did alot tho', from acting victim, blaming me for everything and singlehandedly shattered my esteem. I hope he gets back with his kinky sex providers, really:-)

  16. So, why have sex on the first date then? As a guy, you also can say no.

  17. Neither are they for me. Speaking from the lady experience that's my opinion. I'm a woman btw 😂

  18. If y'all happen to have sex then she stays super quiet after the deed. She's definitely having second thoughts on meeting up a second time.

  19. I think I have seen this almost exact question 5 times this week

  20. I had a long day at work then got attacked indirectly which prompted this particular post. I decided to ask it as a quick question then check out the replies. I was supposed to add kindly/please attach a link. It was a request. Sorry tho', you don't have to

  21. Lol, been there. This was worse, sex talk all along while we both in different locations. Once we linked I expected lots of make outs and sex. Sadly, we stayed for almost one and a half months without sex. Never felt that kind of resentment in a while now, only to realize he was missing kinky sex from his exes. Hope they get back together, like really:)

  22. I see no lie, can I say it in caps to emphasize how right you're?

  23. These are among one of those moments where you look at your SO and say quietly, "this is why I fucking love you🥺." We all deserve such kind of romantic acts🤗

  24. My periods were like two weeks late. I was often tired and my appetite was terrible. Lol, one of my greatest regrets ever!

  25. My smile. I have dimples and once I smile it comes out so beautifully:) My thick hips. I'm overly obsessed. When I lie facing up, they form a love shape too 😍. My hands. I love how soft they are...I can't really explain but I find them really adorable.

  26. Thank God you built perfectly enough so as not to be irritable due to you needs not being met, including sex.

  27. People can be irritable. Feeling emotions is normal and fine. But throwing tantrums? That is what toddlers do.

  28. Idk where your idea of "our partners need to manage our emotions or handle our baggage" came from, that's all on you! You trying to imply that throwing tantrums is more ugly than being irritable, fine. Irritability is what adults to and it's acceptable and more attractive.

  29. Whenever we talk, I’m the only one contributing/no questions are being asked my way. They tell the same story on repeat, once again, never actively engaging me in their retelling (I’m just a wall for them).

  30. This! Mahn this was my former crush's behaviour. I literally had to ask everything and carry the conversation. The conversation would always revolve around sex, alcohol and making out.No valuable topic🤦🏾‍♀️ .Fucking boooring as hell.

  31. It's lazy. How can you have nothing else to talk about? Drives me nuts.

  32. You are approaching the issue from the perspective of the man as the provider. It is very dangerous assumption since the law perceives both men and women equal, equal rights with equal responsibilities.

  33. Heh, why is it the responsibility of the woman to ensure that they don't get pregnant tho'!? I thought during sex it's two parties who participate, and every party should be ready for the outcome. Otherwise, I'd you won't accept the outcomes and work on it as a team then don't have sex!! I'm tired of seeing women break down bitterly because they were abandoned after the realization that they were pregnant.

  34. There is plenty of women who lie on using birth control just so they can get pregnant with their ideal man. They see it as two birds with one stone, having a baby and getting a financially stable man provide for them. problem is that the man never wanted the baby and would have made different choices if he knew the truth.

  35. How about that ideal man normalizes using protection!? Now that y'all know women lie that they're on birth control. Again, need I remind you that birth controls aren't 100% effective!! Sir, abortion isn't a simple process like you may assume. It's not even safe. It's very simple, be ready for the consequences of every action. I thought you're supposed to be responsible adults 😏!? Whatever privilege you're talking about isn't available at the moment, make ideal welcome.

  36. It's literally just the laws of physics. Your genetics cannot go agains the laws of thermodynamics. It cant just generate fat out of nowhere.

  37. If he can cook, that’s great. I hate cooking, it stresses me out.

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