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  1. Call the station and tell them you think there's a dead cop.

  2. Add the photos to google photo and connect the google photos to your google home account.

  3. Yeah, that’s all been done. I can even select the album ON my Hub. It will sometimes show two of the sixteen photos, then switch back to Google Curated.

  4. Have you tried bouncing it off the wall?

  5. It was settled that her majesty Céline was crowned at the battle of the Hudson’s Trivia Night in AD 2014 after skirmishes broke out behind the smokers pit.

  6. Who ever stole these wreaths should be publicly shamed by putting their picture on national TV. Jail or a fine is way to easy for these bastards.

  7. Remember the KISS principal. Keep It simple S.

  8. Set a media alarm. Then tell it to play a fog horn at the same time monday to friday.

  9. I have a small family. Everyone would get a share.

  10. Nobody is actually interested, everyone’s just here to shit talk another country so they can feel not so miserable about themselves

  11. We had a FedEx driver quit and called his boss and said you can find your truck at such and such address.

  12. They know who scanned the packages, so they know who threw the packages.

  13. Le Vieux Munich. I've been there in the past. It was a lot of fun.

  14. My phone tells the time, all else is jewelry.

  15. Too much screen. That's why I bought the basic clock, It gives me google access in my bedroom with out being over whelming.

  16. Specifically one photo from 1 of the year books. Just not sure which one.

  17. Only 40 euros. They have to charge extra for cutting off the crust.

  18. I feel bad for you guys but if you really need too watch, This episode is already on piratebay

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