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  1. I'm not a native Japanese speaker but here is the rough translation. I'm 100% sure there will be mistakes, let me know if you have a better version of the translation.

  2. The first line really reminds of the “FORSPOKEN” trademark. I know he has denied it in the interview but IDK if I can trust him on this one.

  3. Happened to my friend too. She got a 3090, and after capping fps (60 or 144 or depending on our screen), it was resolved. I think it's an overheating issue on the graphics card. You can also try under-clocking your gpu.

  4. Thanks! Good to know. Now making new players' life much easier.

  5. Other than what people have mentioned, one mindset I found super useful as a WHM is to think about GCD like little windows. Across an entire fight, there are some GCD windows where you have to stand still and cast, and some windows where you can use instant cast GCD + 2OGCD to maximize movement. This ensures you are always keeping the GCD rolling, and honestly feels really good (especially something like afflatus misery + assize).

  6. I’m sorry but “better than whm” at healing just seems like some absolute nonsense. And I find that VERY hard to believe.

  7. seems like a lot of things here and there within the official translation is outright change or missing sometimes.

  8. I think it's the typical thing they do for localization. They tend to hide different bits of small information in different languages. This happens in dialogs in-game as well.

  9. at o1:05 i think you miss alisae (yes its her who speaking) mention that sin eater was once people.

  10. Good catch! Yes, you are right! Edited. Thanks for the help <3

  11. Thanks guys! Really really happy you liked it =D

  12. Correct me if I'm wrong but here are the translation for faces:

  13. Just want to say thank you for this epic event. Me and my friends really really enjoyed it and it was fun squeezing our brain all night solving these puzzles. We solved all of them correctly except for the last one, hell we even saw Wrong Idea. But most of them are sooo well designed. We all look forward to the next one in the future! <3

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