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  1. Not a coincidence. This episode is packed wall-to-wall with product placement.

  2. How many product placements can they fit into one episode? Also, straight white men bad amirite? hahahaha.

  3. I am jealous of you guys that can listen to phish for 25 years. For me phish was amazing in high school 96-00. Then i moved on and i cringe at the music phish is putting out now. Goose is the band i have been searching for the past 20 years. Trey is really bad at singing and i know that will trigger some people.

  4. I feel like he tried to get better at singing and it made things worse. His vocals were good in the 90s. Not technically great but listenable. Now it’s like soft rock vibrato weirdness.

  5. No, pretty easy mistake to make. It’s ironic because the subject of the article is copy editing. Any good copy editor would note that “most” means a majority (over 50%). They should say the most common major for this group is English.

  6. “There must be something more than this”… what I ask myself every time I hear this horrible song

  7. Camden is obviously the answer. But the area around the Fox Theatre in St. Louis is super sketch come nightfall.

  8. Maybe back when they were playing that venue, but nowadays it’s not that bad. I just wouldn’t hang out after all the theater traffic is gone.

  9. Lot of people glossing over the Motel 6 comment. Amazed at the blatant elitism on display after this announcement.

  10. In the many videos I've seen and listened to he often seems to dance around alot instead of playing.

  11. “The rules of shotgun are very simple and very clear. First person to shout ‘shotgun’ when you’re within sight of the car gets the front seat. That’s how the game is played. There are no exceptions for someone with a concussion.” But for real this is stupid.

  12. The order of the words "out" and "eat" is important here

  13. check out their shows from ‘84-85 - they play Fire on the Mountain, Scarlet Begonias and boy oh boy do they rip! For my money, I dream of a Dark Star!

  14. This is the Phish crowd in the Soul song era.

  15. If you had told me 20 years ago “Phish will eventually get really into soul” I would have thought you meant James Brown not Jesus rock

  16. Haha I just read this on another post about tarping. Appreciate it though.

  17. JFC, that theres another thread about tarping shows how much we as a community dislike it, but just accept it…

  18. Are you saying shows how we accept it, or shows how we dislike but you’re saying we should accept it?

  19. But would that be as profitable? Something like that would be something most people would claim frequently which would reduce the profitability for the company right? Or Do I just not understand how insurance works?

  20. You seem to understand better than 99% of people. If an insurance coverage isn’t available it typically means money can’t be made off of it. Same applies to exclusions within a policy. No insurers are looking to hand out charity (nor should they) unless you’re talking about govt subsidized programs and the like.

  21. Preach brother!!! Everyone can claim a space if they are down to put in the time. I’m the opposite I’ll walk in right before show and find a suitable spot and enjoy. If I want to talk to my friends around me I’m going to talk to them. This a fun event and everyone is way to up tight these days

  22. I've been seeing this band for closing in on 30 years, and I fucking HATE how every word that starts with an F gets turned into Ph. I'm not a Phish phan, I'm a Phish enthusiast. lol

  23. I would way rather hear Tube Brother and Weigh. Not everything has to be jammed. And I’d prefer it wasn’t because variety is the spice of Phish

  24. Tube and Brother can have some insane jams. Not necessarily 15 minutes long but nonetheless.

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