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A sense of impending doom

  1. As a big guy myself, I often struggle to find decent fitting pants. Where do you shop for strides? Corduroy or slacks, I’m not picky.

  2. when she had gay for pay pornstars as guests and was asking one of them in the clunkiest most inappropriate way (is there an appropriate way at all? no!) if he's a top or bottom. she was let's just say there's a present. are you the one who' a present? or are you receiving a present.

  3. Omg I loved that she was like, "so... it's a special Christmas where you just receive presents or give presents...and you like to receive, but you're straight?"

  4. Okay, so now that holidays are coming to an end for majority..

  5. Safeswim is an excellent resource for this info - it even provides a safe swimming forecast:

  6. A tribe slaughtered another tribe on the exact location of Emily Place reserve in the CBD. There's a little history poster thing that explains what happened there now.

  7. Jesus Christ mate… talk about a near death experience

  8. Yeah this. Its all well saying 'I'm not wearing suits, fuck that' but you just started a new job which presumably you want to keep and thrive in.. you need to dress according to the company norms.

  9. Angelea didn't deserve all her bottom 2's in all stars AND deserved her win, I'm sorry.

  10. 😂 yep, I’ve only heard bad things from real Spark staff. Not to mention their customer support is appalling for businesses because they stretch their staff so thin.

  11. Another was to calculate calories is times every gram of fat X 9 and every gram of Carbs or Protein X 4

  12. Thanks for your input. I am currently doing 1 through 6. Have seen my GP and got ACC support to see a physio, that starts up soon :D Now I wanna add a PT to that, because of my size and other health issues i need someone to help me train in a safe way where i don't hurt myself by trying to copy stuff from You tube hahaha.

  13. Special mention goes to throwing the girls into ice water over a heated pool for a shoot and making them pose with a bull that was added in post later anyway.

  14. Ok so this makes me mad. Like when the judges kept saying "this kind of thing happens in fashion all the time!" I was like...what kind of fashion designer is going to risk their clothes being torn or ruined by making models walk a rickety unsafe plank. Like no one would willingly want to put their work in an environment where they could be destroyed.

  15. I lost my job July 2020, found a new one Nov that time I lost 30kg because I couldn't afford to eat. Then I couldn't afford new clothes so I looked homeless for all my interviews. Lol. The poverty trap is such a wonderful thing.

  16. in a venn diagram, I'd say there's a pretty big overlap of people who believe crystals cure any health ailment, and anti vaxxers

  17. It's a dump. The suburbs between onehunga mall road and remunera, avoid. Ellerslie is nice but too close to oranga to be safe/have a car on the road.

  18. Wouldn't these just be beef flavour?

  19. I don't buy Eta chips much anymore. Compared to Bluebird they are kind of hard instead of crisp. Did try those though, but I prefer "The Works" flavour.

  20. Tbh Aminat and Teyona probably spiced it up, we all do when retelling events. I don't doubt that Natalie said those things but Natalie had a very lazy vocal tone I can't imagine her screaming or saying it loud

  21. And then she went to the cycle 12 reunion after? Hmmm. But Celia also said they did have a yelling match

  22. Only time I've ever encountered someone I really thought was going to hurt me was a park in the middle of oranga

  23. Are you buying or renting? Would you live by yourself or with flatmates?

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