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  1. Definitely does not say wife. I admire your confidence and the fact that at least 36 people agree with you. Nothing more unreliable than an eye witness I guess lol

  2. It was wife. I watched with subtitles. Indeed nothing more unreliable.

  3. Absolutely putting one in for the LV jacket, gonna give it to my girl for the oversized fit 😎

  4. Not sure why everyone has glossed over the good hiking trails, since they assuredly do exist. By Salem State's south campus, there's Forest River Conservation Area. Adjacent, but separated by the commuter rail line, is Salem Woods (accessible from the Salem Greens golf course). Both are great for different reasons. FRCA is wetter with more tree coverage, Salem Woods is kinda scrubby in parts, but I love it -- let me know if you want additional details.

  5. I'm a constituent and only recently started following local politics. What do you think I need to know about the Ward 1 race and how you see local politics playing out under you vs. McCarthy?

  6. Gears good. Not much in the way of legal Tentsites midway on the presi. Highest one on Great Gulf trail is Clam Rock and that's near Madison Gulf. There are legal sites way over past the Boot Spur at Davis Path Isolation Col. There's def stealth at the bottom of Sphinx and 6Husbands in upper great Gulf, maybe you could find something legal. IDK about Dry River and Eisenhower trails.

  7. Yeah, I was expecting to just find a place below the tree line and off trail since I believe those are okay. Thank you for the tips though, I'll keep it in mind.

  8. The board and RAM make sense to me. I chose the video card for a few reasons: 1, the 2060 is quieter and 2, the MSI Gaming Z specifically is supposed be very quiet as the fans stop in idle. The MSI 2060 Super is $70 more. Is it still worth the tradeoff?

  9. Given that the video card is $300 with rebate right now, is it worth it to splurge for the upgraded card?

  10. Heya, been a while. I'm 30. A few years ago, I got an office job and have run only intermittently since. Several months ago, my office moved, so now instead of walking 3 miles a day it's maybe 1. I'm definitely feeling it in my waist. :(

  11. I'm going to Peru tomorrow! I'm planning on doing the Santa Cruz Trek, but the weather for the entire time I'm there looks miserable. Rainy is fine, but it's looking like rainy/cloudy all day. Do you know if it's worth pushing through and hoping for the skies to clear? Will the views/visibility still be decent? Or should I abandon it in favor of some other trail(s)?

  12. I would carry either the Zlite or the Klymit... 30.9oz of sleeping pad is a lot to haul around.

  13. I just not have set it right. I'm not bringing the Zlite, just the Klymit.

  14. Consider a lighter shelter imo edit; (never mind). Nothing jumps out at me otherwise. Assuming you are referring to Peru, I was there a few months back and I implore you to take your time with acclimation. We thought we had enough time to adjust based on everything we read, but everyone is different. I adjusted on but my partner got AMS very bad. And the diamox ended up giving her kidney stones. Def bring immodium, we met a number of folks that got food poisoning pretty badly

  15. Thank you for the advice! I am in Peru for ten days and have a very loose itinerary so I can progress at whatever pace I need. Not included in the Lighterpack list is a bag of med stuff -- painkillers, pepto, diamox, etc. I'm planning on starting the diamox two days before my flight in case I react poorly. Haven't heard about kidney stones as a side effect, but good to know.

  16. Has anyone played the modern version of The Game of Life? In addition to the usual mechanics, they've added additional bits to the Action cards. For instance, cards like:

  17. If I didn’t have an 8am interview, I would be riding the train with you!

  18. Thanks! It went well =). Now back on the Red Line

  19. I'm about to hop on the commuter rail myself. Glad to hear it went well!

  20. Mine has a wonderful scent also! I picked it up last night at the signing in Boston. Such a good event.

  21. I cannot believe I didn't know that was a thing. What a bummer that I missed it! I'm glad you had a good time though. I'm still only halfway through the book, but I'm loving it. Enjoy!

  22. You arent using the getJSON function correctly. It should be...

  23. I get a CORS error, Cross-Origin Request Blocked. That's why I was trying to find some kind of workaround. I don't know if one exists since it's a whole security thing. I did a makeshift solution of having it load into an iframe for easy copy/pasting, but I'd love for it to be fully automated.

  24. I have zero server access and this isn't being hosted on the same domain (it's a local file) because there's endless bureaucracy in getting it hosted, but using it locally is fine. Am I basically SOL in doing this if I can't get it hosted on the same domain?

  25. My favorite is this completely fake cdg beanie because it's literally the only thing I've gotten because I'm still setting up my first haul.

  26. Like I mentioned, I'm kind of a huge disaster. I'm currently at work and my flight is tonight. I can bring the pads and ditch them in the car once I arrive, I'm just considering leaving the pads at work since they're super bulky. All told, my base weight is around 15 lbs. This includes a 2 person tent, so I can force my friend to take a good chunk of the food and water.

  27. Keeping my sleeping bag loose never even occurred to me. That's a really interesting idea, especially since I don't have anything sharp or with jagged edges. I need to arrange a few things between packs once I get in anyway, so I'll give a few different orientations a go. Thanks for all the advice, I really appreciate it.

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