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  1. This! My wife is bi, and we are in a longterm committed monogamous relationship. The bisexual part just increases the number of people she will choose not to cheat on me with.

  2. I’m bi and knew before I got married. I made a vow to my husband and have not been with anyone else. Regardless of gender in my mind it’s cheating.

  3. I use a warm wet cloth and a moustache comb. Scissors with a round end (I got at a pet store) to trim regularly between groomings. Starting groomings when they are young will help both the pup and the groomer.

  4. I worked for an nhl team for 5 years and every time they got a goal this song would play. I hate it to my core.

  5. Just in concessions so we heard every song that they played repeatedly. After a while you learn to tune it out but I still hate that song.

  6. Lubalin has hilarious videos based on Facebook interactions. Cracks me up all the time.

  7. I've never been to one and, honestly, I'm far too old at 50. But I certainly dig chicks with their asses showing. Call me a perv or whatever but you learn to appreciate the beauty in simple things as you age.

  8. I’m 53 and I started going to raves when I was 45. I always have a blast! Next one I’m going to will be in a wave pool and I can’t wait.

  9. My fave book when I was a teen. Got my kids into it too. They couldn’t believe how many good younger actors were in it.

  10. I’m watching hockey with mine but he’s not happy when I get animated lol. Your sweetie looks more chill than mine

  11. This is why as a Canadian I never plant anything before May long weekend.

  12. One tin soldier always stuck with me.

  13. Soooo sickkk!! Where’s this at or what country is it by??

  14. The rash I get under my belly. Sometimes it’s not there and sometimes it is and so painful. I have to use creams and powders to make it feel better. Doesn’t matter how clean I stay it always happens.

  15. Is there poisoned flavoraid involved?

  16. My thoughts too. Happy cake day!

  17. HF tells me the meat is fresh, not frozen. The seafood is frozen though. I've never had a problem with warm meat. My box is coming today (one day late, I assume it got on the wrong truck) so I'll see what condition its contents are in. HF has a variety of insulated forms and bags that they use, some are better than others. My gel packs skways arrive frozen. They usually pack my boxes on Sunday, and I receive delivery on Wednesday.

  18. I’m in Canada and almost all my meat arrives and has on the insert (meat identifier) that it was previously frozen. Which is an issue when the guy leaves it in the delivery truck overnight in -40 and the whole box shows up frozen. I finally just closed my account cause it wasn’t worth the hassle of complaining almost every order.

  19. I’m due for another one soon. I hope you can work from a toilet cause that’s where I spent most of my day. The stuff they had me drink was disgusting and only afterwards was I told I could add flavouring to it, like those water enhancers. I’m not looking forward to my next one that’s for sure.

  20. My step mother still gets triggered by this word lol. I drove her nuts using it and then my sister learned it and continued the tradition lol

  21. My husband just watched this season with me and I thank Brooke for giving him the giggles. He’s had some health issues and hasn’t laughed for a while and it was music to my ears.

  22. I’ve seen this twice but I don’t understand it.

  23. In America, Thanksgiving is in November. Pie is part of the tradition. Too many fucking pies - pumpkin, apple (several varieties), pecan, cherry, peach, rhubarb, the list goes on and on.

  24. Oh ok lol. We have ours in October and also have lots of pies. I thought it was some coded thing lol

  25. It’s the Laff but the Prescott on Preston St is also quite old.

  26. Do they still have those amazing meatball sandwiches? I haven’t been back for a while but I dream about those.

  27. Coffee helps too. I make a mocha chocolate cookie and it almost kills the taste.

  28. I love I was going to get new lenses in my existing frames but everyone wanted over $500. Went with clearly and got everything including blue light and scratch resistance for $215 even with my progressive lenses. I swear the scratch proof was the best I’ve ever had. Was over a year before I saw a scratch on them. Usually takes me 3 months and I see them. Also clearly is located in Vancouver so you won’t have to worry about returns if you need too. Every place else was in the US or overseas.

  29. I just buy period underwear. It’s like real underwear with a pad but less bulky than wearing a pad or those disposables. Washable and better for the environment.

  30. Hello! So basically my little old lady is already on supplements for arthritis, and takes CBD oil and omega 3. However something she struggles with still is itchy skin. So much so that she can't be too long without her cone. :(

  31. I can only suggest maybe a soft donut cone to make her more comfortable? They also have softer cone shaped ones too so it isn’t so jarring when they walk into a wall. Lots of hugs

  32. Lynda was my first crush and I’m a girl. My sons first pay he bought me the box set cause he knew how much I loved this show. She’s still great looking too. I think she’s the reason I gravitate towards darker haired people lol.

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