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Southern Baptists face push for public list of sex abusers

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  1. Acknowledged and supported! Yes, but why would she need to be told America is the America she knows? Sounds condescending

  2. You dont find it offensive that shes the only one that has to be warned about racism in the fandom.

  3. I think we agree and I didn’t express myself well. I find the entire treatment offensive. I simply believe that Ms Ingram is aware of the fandom. She lived her whole life aware of what America is. It sounds condescending that one would feel the need to warn an adult black woman “hey, Star Wars fans can be racist”. That feels like a cop out. I find the lack of our ability to change offensive. I’d love it if the entertainment industry would market this exact phrase “Hey bigots! If you have a problem with Ms Ingram having this role, guess what? WE DIDN’T MAKE THIS MOVIE FOR YOU. GO AWAY, KEEP YOUR MONEY. BUT, MORE IMPORTANTLY BACK OFF.”

  4. Charlton Heston needs to be cancelled! He called himself a 2A Republican! That’s disgusting!

  5. Not to worry. He’ll definitely be claiming he,in fact, does have a big weenie before this is over.

  6. It’s true! 1 Ariana Grande would be the perfect amount of person next to me on the couch.

  7. Let’s just send the former president over as a diplomat with no real authority. That should be distracting enough

  8. I watched some, but not all of the words come out of their mouths, either in real time or a news recap. At no time did I think “phew, at least roe is safe”

  9. Anyone that doesn’t, just has a bug up their ass about something.

  10. Keep eating those Cheetos and dreaming. I look at that and think…. Yeah, she’d look at me and be that dry.

  11. Gambling is one of the easiest way to lose your money. That too, is a Trump thing.

  12. Everything you need to know about being human, you can learn from a dog.

  13. Agreed. I can’t remember hearing a right wing rant start with “nah dude”

  14. It’s all righteous indignation when it’s the “other group” doing it. Can we please address abuse in America. Please.

  15. Did she hulk get an early release? Where’s all the evidence that the final cgi is gonna suck

  16. Apparently i cant say anything bad about the CGI just because its a trailer…..

  17. You can though. And folks may respond. We’re not going to hate each other, over this. I hope…

  18. But you’re not attacked. That guy sent that out to get attention. He really doesn’t care that you exist. He just wants attention.

  19. Don’t go bringing history into this! This is about what I want nooooowwwww

  20. Yeah… if this is really OC, nothing made me crazier than having my texts ignored, as the dad. They are now grown, independent and fine. But…but… but. Good luck

  21. Hot damn! Now why does that libral perv keep mentioning it on the weather station?!?

  22. The one that’s always on about relative humidity

  23. He’s A Fictional Character He’s only racist if he’s written that way.

  24. They all start empty. :) Blink and it will overfilled. Enjoy and best of luck.

  25. Thoughts prayers? Naaahhhh! Self promotion! That’s the ticket!

  26. I love Shrek. I doubt he’s this layered. When was Mike Myers last big paycheck? I’d love one of those each year, too!

  27. Face it. If someone wants to consider acting the high point of that man’s life, I’m in. Wish he’d stopped at governor

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