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  1. I misread that as ‘dressed for porn’ . 🤷🏻‍♀️

  2. Several mentions have been made on this sub about how inappropriate her behavior was if she was, indeed, having a “miscarriage“. Nobody who’s had a miscarriage would ever get out of their bed to go on television to talk about it. There’s blood and there’s pain and so much grief. I think she made the ‘screaming and crying’ post about an alleged miscarriage that happened years ago, to make herself look more sympathetic. I don’t believe that scenario happened, any more than I believe Alec Baldwin was ever on a city bus when she called him. Adding that little detail tells me she’s lying.

  3. It's such a specific detail. Here's what I think. She heard that story and she has co-opted it. Just like the fake story about having pneumonia while she was in labor with #3. That was Jen Pastiloff's exact experience that year (2016). Jen was an NYU student who dropped out (like our Hillz) and became a yoga teacher in New York City. She was on IG and and she shared about having pneumonia while pregnant. She had her son in about May. And then -- BLAMMO -- HTB has a detail she can add to her myth about carrying #3 when she didn't. (Leo was born in September of 2016)

  4. So mami is always producing milk for the baby? Even if she doesn't carry the baby she does, apparently, go through the process to stimulate milk production for the kink he apparently has. (BARF)

  5. I think she gets milk from the surrogate. I don’t think she’s going to risk messing up her boob job when she can fake breast-feeding, like she fakes every other thing.

  6. Yeah, you're probably right. Why do I give her the benefit of the doubt that she's pumping? UGH.

  7. Probably because you have an intact moral compass and you try to believe the best in everyone. I do it too. Then I remember that she lied about being from Spain for 10 years and is still unwilling to tell the truth, which indicates to me she will lie about anything. And does.

  8. "they are very happy" says a complete stranger on the internet. How would you know, complete stranger?

  9. Well, this complete stranger has seen enough of what she posts on Instagram to understand that no one in that family is happy.

  10. Remember his remark about Frankenstein and the baby Olympiad ? I think he was done after four.

  11. I mean are you fucking serious? She is like herpes never will go away. Extra still knee deep up Alex's ass

  12. Look at her faceand the look of defiance, fuck you - you triple down hoe 🖕

  13. They're equal: she's abusing and emotionally neglecting her children during their entire childhood; he killed a mother of a little boy.

  14. That’s how Mary Lou got her blackeye not from a run in with a “metal table leg”. Fuck you Hillary

  15. Hilary is so short sighted and self absorbed I don’t think it has occurred to her that her children will grow into their OWN people, with their own experience of her and their household. She can’t shoehorn her version of the truth like she tries to attempt on her failing podcast. She’s the definition of someone who thinks that if they say it, it’s what happened and it’s the truth. No Hilary. Your kids are living it and you can’t rewrite what they experienced just like how you can’t rewrite your whole entire lineage. They’re gonna have traumas and their own voices and they’ll speak out, or cut contact altogether. She’s so into herself and what these babies provide for her (attention, content, people lusting after her) that it seems like it hasn’t hit her that these babies are their own people with identities, personalities. So short sighted to not see how this will affect them in the future with careers, relationships and even their own bond with her. She just doesn’t care.

  16. I think that both Alec and Hillary are arrogant enough to believe that they could outsource the births of their children and give them to nannies to raise without any sociological or emotional repercussions, like kittens or dolls. And in a few years, those kids are gonna make her life a living hell and she deserves every bit of it.

  17. Me too. I can see, it’s looming. Like when death shows up in The Sims. Just debating when and where to pounce. Their behavior is grotesque and gauche. And she really tried to have a JLO moment tonight. She has zero charisma and charm she looked a GD mess. Like a kiddie pageant queen.

  18. You’re right! She thought she was gonna have a big J Lo moment and everybody was gonna make a big fuss over her when she looks like a stumpy little toddler wearing Barbie clothes!

  19. Totally agree! I told my spouse I didn't understand how you could lie for 10 years about who you were, fake an accent, say you were born in Spain, and just act like nothing happened. Then Alec who feels no guilt, just acts like life as usual, and killed a coworker! It really shows who they are, just callous narcs.

  20. The museum posted a reel in which they introduced the celebrities attending and the Baldwins were not included. 😉

  21. They didn’t mention Alec at all? 😂😂

  22. He could try to divorce her... but she'd go full Fatal Attraction on him. She's like an engorged tick attached to him, and she's never letting go.

  23. It doesn't match her hair which he just colored darker the other day. Is he color blind or does he hate her that much??

  24. Dirty old broken man couldn’t get it up if his life depended on it.

  25. Totally agree. No amount of viagra is gonna put steam in that broke ass stove pipe.

  26. “It’s moments like this, when the drugs are kicking in and I’m so high that I simply don’t give a fuck, that I decide to buy another helpless human being because I’m special that way”.

  27. Imagine being alone in your apartment late at night, ruminating over ALL that you’ve lost in your life, and then remembering that you have seven children with a bat shit crazy fame whore who wouldn’t cross the street to piss on you if you were on fire. I almost feel sorry for you, Alec. Almost.

  28. Out of ALL the shit she could shill she chose those 80's headbands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  29. And they yanked those ugly things from their website when the grift broke!

  30. Agree. She doesn’t have any friends, so who is she talking to? Herself.

  31. Alec Baldwin is the only person who can stop this and he won’t. I hope your karma is swift and merciless, Pendejo.

  32. HAHAHAHAHA PR working overtime. What a couple of crusty old ass-hats. Give it up Baldwins. We won't stop. They put so much effort into last night too. How embarrassing for them.

  33. That dress was truly one of the most hideous, grotesque thrown together crappy things I’ve ever seen! My blind dog could put together a better outfit than that.

  34. I just can’t get over how bad she looks. I can’t get over how ugly that dress is! Didn’t you take a picture of yourself in the hallway mirror first? Alec is actually cleaned up for a change!

  35. She radiates loneliness. Nobody likes liars, Hillary. Nobody.

  36. We aren’t laughing with Alec and Hillary, we’re laughing AT THEM.

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