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I submit to you, Pepinos and visitors alike, what I believe is proof she's wearing a moonbump that does not behave the way all other pregnancies always have and always will.

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  1. Imagine your life being so pathetic and dull that you make up this kind of boring bullshit to share with your non existent ‘community’.

  2. How wonderful it must be to not have a job or any responsibility.

  3. Please, no. Dear God, teach your daughter she is worth more than being a broodmare and a fame whore for a man old enough to be her father! Let her be kind. Praise her intelligence. Teach her to be honest, authentic and self reliant, not a lazy hoe bag like her alleged mother.

  4. Basically strangers have seen her underwear for years now. She does realize that majority of people who see her post are strangers...right?

  5. Since she doesn’t really have any friends, I guess everyone is a “stranger”.

  6. Oh it definitely partially collapses, which is definitely proof that it’s fake. (Along with a million other things.) Thanks for posting that.

  7. I suspect she is impaired virtually 24/7, which is why she’s so sloppy and lazy with this stuff. But she’s gotten away with it so many times before, why would it be different this time? Alec will simply pay for some positive press coverage

  8. c05u says:

    Someone who is very very lonely

  9. The hole in her psyche must be as deep as the Marianas Trench.

  10. “Uncle Jared”. Dear God, no. Just fuck no!!!! Stop pimping your kids out to a paid companion who doesn’t even like you enough to invite you to his birthday party. How would Carmen even know who he was?!?!

  11. You’d be turning tricks like in the old My Space days without that sugar daddy who enables you to be your worst self - maybe you ought to remember YOU ARE A NOBODY who lied about being from Spain. You’re a social pariah without a friend in the world, afraid to leave your house because EVERYBODY knows that you’re a fraud and a liar, yet here you are threatening your angry old papí ?Oh girl. Why don’t you go get a fucking job, puta?

  12. Honestly Hilaria must be trying to rile up this thread bc it’s the only explanation for being this in observant & moronic.

  13. She’s a spoiled, entitled puta married to an angry old idiot and they enable one another’s worst self. ‘“Un buen equipo” made in hell.

  14. No matter what it takes to get attention she will post it. Her children’s pain is only fodder for the endless thirst. What broke her brain so badly that her baby’s misery is a tool to be used on SM? Was she born this way or did something go terribly wrong in her childhood? Whatever it was it is no excuse, I just wonder about that occasionally when she displays something especially egregious.

  15. I’m so sad. She was a big part of the soundtrack to my young life. Such a lovely lady.

  16. For the older Baldwin kids, the bullying and talking will start. "Our parents say this about your mom. You guys aren't Spanish. Your mom is not Spanish. Your names are so stupid and gross, you don't even know who or what you are. Your mom is a drunk and wasn't pregnant with you." How will Hilary and Alec handle this, if at all, when the kids come home suicidal, crying and angry? "They are all stupid. You are Spanish. They are just racist. We will have those kids removed from the school by making another huge donation." I can't even think about what the kids are going to be dragged into because of the mother's mental issues.

  17. What’s it gonna be like for those poor kids when they realize that their mother has lied to them their entire lives about who they are and where they come from? It’s not gonna be that long before they have their own social media and they can look back and see all the terribly abusive things their alleged mother has done to them. It’s not gonna be pretty.

  18. My friends and I played pet & pet owner when I was little. It's just concerning that THERE IS NO SILVERWARE. THEY DID NOT COME UP WITH THIS "GAME." She TOLD THEM TO EAT LIKE DOGS.

  19. I suspect that she treats them like dogs in a less than playful way. Please read through the lines of what I’m trying to say.

  20. Instead of correcting bad behavior and manners, she just takes out her phone and films or takes pictures. She thinks these things are quirky and cute but they turn into bad habits without boundaries or rules. So sad because kids need boundaries.

  21. Hillary seems to think that doing a mysterious activity known as “parenting” is more than she’s willing to do

  22. She just always looks so foolish the way delusional people do. She thinks she’s a golden sleek minx but she’s a blobby weirdo.

  23. I look back on things I’ve done in my life, as we all do, and cringe when I think about some of the things I’ve said and done. I don’t think Hillary has the ability to reflect and understand how foolish and unbelievably idiotic this bullshit is, like a child. No one is jealous of you, Hillary.

  24. You'd think having 1000 people a day point it out to you would help.

  25. Same. I think doing cringe worthy things is a very natural human attribute.

  26. Her Spanish persona is based on what she bought at the Airport gift shop.

  27. One small part of me still clings to the belief that she couldn’t possibly be that brazen when she knows everyone is on to her. But then I see that fucking Los Baldwinitos towel flying in the wind and I’m back on board with Bellygate.

  28. Whenever I think this is a bridge too far and this idea is just TOO crazy, I remember that she lied about being from Spain for 10 years and when she was called out, she doubled down and made loud, ridiculous claims about being “multi-“ and “fluid” to ‘prove’ why she’s entitled to adopt a party city version of a ‘Spaniard’ . Anyone who is in their right mind would know better than to do this, anybody who is in their right mind would’ve shut their Instagram account down the day they were exposed as being a liar. But she’s not in her right mind. She psychiatrically disordered and profoundly mentally ill.

  29. Hillary has no bottom. She has no moral compass. She does not have any maternal feelings towards her children. She sees them as toys. She lies to them about everything. She also has zero foresight, so she can’t comprehend that these “babies” and “tiny New Yorkers” will ever be free of her.

  30. She is in for a brutal awakening in 5- 10 years, when these kids hit puberty and have access to the Internet and see the mash million ways she’s lied to them, abused and neglected them. All the unexpressed anger, all of the guidelines and family she’s not building now is going to bite her in her scrawny ass. I feel for the nightmare you force your children to live in, but I have absolutely no compassion or sympathy for this disordered grifter.

  31. He's such a male chauvinist that he probably doesn't think he needs to do that. He'll be the first person to comment on a woman's looks though, like his mother.

  32. I'd find it hard to believe. He's also carrying it around his belly which s the worst place. His legs and arms are skinny in comparison

  33. I really wonder what went down between Ireland and Alec. I took a break from this sub for several months (for mental health reasons—I was consumed with anger when they announced they had yet another baby coming, as stupid as that sounds). Back before my break Ireland seemed fine with them; she was always defending & supporting her father in relation to the shooting of Halyna. And now it seems that they’re not getting along and/or have cut off communication. Does anyone know anything about why/what happened? Has Ireland said anything or dropped any hints about what’s going on?

  34. Why on earth would Ireland want to spend time with her hateful, bloviating asshole father, his cheap, lying wife and all those kids who have no idea who she is?

  35. Her rib cage has not expanded AT ALL. Which is a NATURAL occurrence in even the skinniest women during pregnancy. At this point, unless she livestreams the birth, I’ll never believe she’s actually pregnant.

  36. You know why you didn’t WIN an academy award, Alec? Because you’re just not good enough.

  37. I feel like we might be watching Sybil play out in real time...

  38. Her earrings from Nordstrom rack, they must be a gift from her brother because she's wearing them like a proud grandma wearing a homemade noodle bracelet

  39. For sure. Also, I think she’s mentally falling apart since her grift was exposed. She thought doubling down would shut everyone up, but it’s making it much worse.

  40. Hillary is like a child who has been told no and will continue to do and say anything they can to change that answer to a yes. It’s unattractive behavior in a seven-year-old, but repulsive and gross in a nearly 40 year old woman. Hillary, please get some help. Whatever you’re doing is not working and you look like a fool

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