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[Postgame Thread] Georgia Southern Defeats Nebraska 45-42

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  1. I swear so many people in this sub don't understand the power of brand names and ratings regardless of the opponent.

  2. On the anniversary weekend of Clay Helton being fired, he gets Scott Frost fired.

  3. On the anniversary weekend of Clay Helton being fired, he gets Scott Frost fired.

  4. Everyone loves this until we inevitably get an all sec semifinal games.

  5. Would they add the rule? I’m thinking in like the NFL and they don’t care if division rivals meet in the wildcard. And I doubt OSU would’ve cared who they hosted.

  6. Ohio State definitely would have cared about that home revenue

  7. She doesn't deserve a damn cent. You have hundreds of millions of dollars and you fly around in a helicopter and you die in a crash and tough luck.

  8. You're mad at the wrong person. It's not because of the crash it's because of LASD incompetence

  9. If we took out all the lawsuits they embroiled the city in they would have no budget. Just this week their computers crashed at the jail creating dozens of new civil rights lawsuits for unjust confinement.

  10. Don't disagree with that at all... My argument was with the "going to run the ACC for 20 years" comment... Don't think he's going to run anything, besides the ball, and ruin his QBs.

  11. He made Justin Herbert look like an average QB...that says it all about his offense.

  12. Step 1: Give $1k and a free Clippers jersey to every kid in LA under the age of 18.

  13. They'll just buy Kobe throwbacks with that money.

  14. LAFC was the new team in LA and started winning and now is overtaking popularity against a struggling Los Angeles Galaxy franchise

  15. Not really. LA Galaxy is one of the few MLS teams with over a million IG followers and has a larger average attendance than LAFC. Most importantly, they have an active partnership with The Lakers who are the most popular sports team in the area.

  16. I think Spiderman is winter 2024. Sony is not going to go that long without a Spiderman movie.

  17. I think it’s telling that USC’s recent rough patch included four 10+ win seasons and Rose Bowl win. Or that their most recent era of dominance followed a similar stretch of “mediocrity”.

  18. Oklahoma and Oregon flair tells you all you need to know about this opinion lol

  19. I like how Thor can enchant things now like Odin did.I thought that was a nice touch.I thought this was something that only Odin could do !

  20. Theres a deleted scene in Ragnarok where Odin gives Thor his powers.

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