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  1. You know that Kayo is owned by Foxtel, so what's the point if it is only sport I'm interested?

  2. Yes i am aware that it is owned by foxtel, Less $$$ to have binge and kayo is what i was getting at.

  3. Ray Liotta was one of my first crushes, i saw him in a movie where he was escaping from an island jail, it was a fairly terrible movie but damn he was magnetic. He never lost that quality in my eyes, RIP you magnificent human 😔

  4. Labor and Liberal share many of the same donors.

  5. I'd like to summon the mice out of my house to some other location, if a lady or man out there has this ability I'll pay many doll-hairs

  6. She just wants to make sure you're not a total cock womble before she does the deed.

  7. I am embarrassed to say that this attitide among them suprised me, really thought there was a depth even incels wouldn't sink to. Very depressing

  8. So you got punished for working at a venue that he goes to and for having a name and not wanting to cheat on your partner? Yeah, existing in society is definitely a reason to be insulted and harassed /s

  9. This guy can't hide behind alt accounts, his way of writing is way too "distinctive"

  10. Oh my god. Absolutely right on that one 🤣. The way this dude talks is seared inside my brain now and I WISH I hadn't read it now.

  11. Ha. Knew who he was immediately from the previous interaction that was posted, maybe his keyboard is broken.

  12. Thanks so much man appreciate it. Definitely changed my opinion on Melbourne. Sydney just always seems to get the hype. But when u talk to Australians they seem to prefer Melbourne. Why is this?

  13. Melbourne has a slower pace in many ways, it feels more like a town instead of a city and just feels safer somehow. There are some decent backpackers around the cbd itself but inner north or inner south eastwrn suburbs are definitely great for what you're after.

  14. Have a cup of coffee and remind yourself that you're freaking cool and unique, one day you can be around more like minded people who will value you the way you deserve.

  15. Doesn't matter that most of us are blocked from that female dating strategy place i guess. I really hope he grows out of making sweeping generalizations, they wont make the guy happy long term.

  16. South Africa has a pretty sizable Portuguese population in some areas and the cuisine took hold as a result, nandos is a reflection of that as a hybrid of both countries.

  17. Morrison just caused the Liberal Party to implode. He's my hero.

  18. Oh my 😮 You finally gave me something to like about the guy, I dont know how to feel about that.

  19. One of my cats sits on the road outside and cries until I come out and carry her inside, she also gets stuck on my gate post several times per week and needs rescuing. I've started to realize I'm the dumbass in all this..

  20. Especially the thread at the top, wherein they discuss the financial viability of shopping malls vis-à-vis their current business practices and cross-referencing the shopping population per day.

  21. I learned a lot about the plight of american shopping malls from that thread.

  22. Yeeeeah, I have a big mouth sometimes so I feel like I really should learn to defend myself lol. Sadly I have my dads temper. Also, I want to feel like a badass!

  23. Omg it is totally badass to know how to throw punches and duck them too

  24. Well, I’m seriously thinking about doing it soon lol. The less I weigh, the more likely I could be kidnapped 😂

  25. But the harder you hit the more likely you are to teach someone an important lesson about consent hehe

  26. Whatever, Bart Simpson taught everyone that decades ago and it led to him destroying Christmas

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