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  1. It looks comfortable to lay down... on the highway... where cars go really fast

  2. TikTok censorship has done wonders for saying horrible things in creative ways

  3. You can say all that , it’s just said bc it’s quirky and funnier than saying you want to off yourself

  4. Dang that’s rough that’d trip me up. They definitely could be looking at a lawsuit for their deceptive packaging

  5. OP said they ordered it online, but thanks for trying!

  6. It’s usually the ones that are trying to hide it from people that you should be worried about. This guy is just wanting to show off his bling 😂

  7. Grandma's Boy (Happy Madison movie with most of Sandler's regular friends/costars but no Sandler)

  8. It’s sex. You don’t have to say xxx.

  9. I’m trying to finish fenyx rising but I can’t because I’ve been so focused on this

  10. How would it be illegal? It clearly states the price. It’s the marketing you don’t like. They do the same with gas. It’s always 3.3099, 3.1599, 2.86*99, so it’s always extra. I never understood why they don’t just add it. It’s suppose to make you feel like you’re getting a better deal, I know I’m not getting a deal and I’d rather them just put the actually price out there

  11. This is 100% illegal in European Union so seeing this is so weird to me (gas is exemption).

  12. Hahaha yea we’re crazy. I wish we could have tax included but each state is like it’s own country with its own taxes so it wouldn’t work well for us here

  13. 30 mg twice a day, I’ve only drank twice since starting in Dec. I usually like to drink a lot but it’s not worth the risk imo. I’d say 1-2 is fine every now and again, but alcohol can wait while I’m on this med bc liver damage isn’t temporary and alcohol isn’t that good to risk it

  14. Did it get rid of scars? I have a lot of scars from back acne but didn’t really think it would help those. Did you do anything? These results are amazing

  15. Wow that’s amazing congrats! I hope to have similar results

  16. Nah sounds like you have different ideas of what you want in a relationship. He prob wants to have fun after getting a divorce and isn’t ready to fully commit to anyone. He may have genuine feelings for you, i don’t know. Sounds like he wants to keep you close but not too far for if/when he decides he wants a relationship again he can fall on you. Being upset by him wanting an open relationship is a valid reaction. It isn’t for everyone. Giving ultimatums almost never work and are a sign to cut it off. This question seems more fitting for

  17. Because it’s not an independent risk factor. I think people who get on accutane are already going though something because of their appearance so yea ofc they’re depressed and then there’s the purging so it makes people sink lower. It is always darkest before the dawn.

  18. Only mostly. They did think that kids generally "grew out of it" until the 90's. My original diagnosis was after puberty, at age 16, in 1986. Because of that, the diagnosis was formally: "Adult-Onset Attention Deficit Disorder, Without Hyperactivity", or ADD-WO. The "adult onset" thing has been speculated in the late 70's, but was still a recent enough thing in 1986 that I had to go back every year for follow-up psychological and physical testing for about 5 years. Probably sometime in the mid to late 90's it seemed to shift from the idea of "adult onset" to more "diagnosed in adulthood (and probably missed in childhood)". If I were diagnosed today, it would just be "ADHD-PI" and not such a thing.

  19. On a lot of websites they still talk about “growing out of it” pretty sure the US CDC website says bs like that

  20. Lol, see comment above. 🙄 Psychological disorders aren't diseases. Medication for ADHD is not to cure. It's to treat symptoms. So...if while treating symptoms, you learn coping mechanisms for things like ADHD, I'd say you essentially grew out of it if I was trying to explain that simply.

  21. I don’t know if you meant to reply to me but ok

  22. I’m in my mid twenties and I’d say the goonies and stand by me although they came out a decade-ish before I was born. very good movies and stand by me definitely leaves a mark on you

  23. Things on the walls, maybe a plant in the room, not mass produced furniture.. so second hand stores. Bring a friend with you if you struggle with decorating

  24. Do you need anything from your psych besides a prescription?

  25. As in other medications? In that case, yes. In other words no but I’d like one who is adhd or is highly specialized in adhd because my current one doesn’t seem to know too much and tried telling me after adderall and Ritalin both didn’t work because of side effects I wouldn’t benefit from others because I’d have the same side effects with anything else she gave (which ended up being completely untrue)

  26. Yeah...from what I've learned ADHD isn't a thing that they really teach in med school. Even if youre trying to do anything in the mental field

  27. Fatty foods if you can, if not it’s not the end of the world and won’t render the medication ineffective

  28. They are both great games in the same genre. I'm waiting for the sequels to both. I do hope we get one for Immortals too.

  29. Normalize telling people to back the fuck up , the entitlement these people have blows my mind

  30. I'm an USA expat in Europe. I've been living in Europe (Austria and Germany) for 6 years now. This is legitimately a difference. It isn't only the toilet. The kitchen sink also doesn't get blocked up. I can simply wash coffee grounds down the drain without fear. Being American I bought a plunger as soon as I moved in to a new place. It hasn't been used once.

  31. I was diagnosed recently in my mid twenties. Stimulants don’t seem to do all that everyone says they do on here for me but they help a tiny bit to get me to do stuff

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