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I did a Dopamine Detox for my ADHD

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  1. Oh wow! Thanks! That’s interesting

  2. I'm at a very buy-it-for-life mentality, as that is cheaper in the long run. I therefore try to support local shops that carry experience, even if it might be a bit more expensive over the counter. In clothes stores you will find warm fashion, warm fashion is not for extreme weather. Keep that in mind and go to a shop that caters for sports equipment if you want to keep warm.

  3. Just called them now. No luck :(

  4. Which one are you learning? Try HelloTalk. It’s an app

  5. It will definitely affect your job search but keep applying. I was in a worse situation and got an internship but I had applied to around a 100 companies.

  6. I'm doing also a little software architect design work and studying how to implement complex software structures.

  7. Two weeks was enough for me! But I also think another important aspect that was important to me was being careful how I reintroduced high dopamine activities! I kept the cold Turkey blocker on until the evening so I could still have a few solid productive hours. I also decided not to reintroduce Netflix personally because it was too easy for me to binge hella episodes. I started watching more YouTube instead.

  8. I see! Thanks and congrats!

  9. People talk about how they wished they learned personal finance in high school…tbh, I actually did have a personal finance class in high school and I learned nothing even though I got an A. It was just another stupid class I had to take, I didn’t pay that much attention, and it all leaked out of my brain as soon as the school year was over. The stuff had zero relevance to my life; I had a part time job but my parents paid for absolutely everything, so the money I made just sat in an account and definitely didn’t need to be budgeted in any way.

  10. YT__ says:

    Used guitars are recommended for everyone. A proper setup is worth investing in too as that'll help playability.

  11. Acoustic. I thought one was supposed to start with acoustic. Am I wrong? I would love to learn the electric though

  12. YT__ says:

    Learn what you want to learn. No need to start with acoustic.

  13. It could be as simple as the mailman putting it in the wrong box, especially if the person recieving it was living close to you. It happens from time to time. Since they contacted you, I doubt it's theft.

  14. The weird thing is that they contacted me 2.5 months later after the residence card was issued and the person told me, they found it somewhere not so close to where I live.

  15. Bah, tu as gagné plus de 12000€ sur l’année? Si non, t’embête pas, tu seras non imposable.

  16. Mais j'ai été déduit des charges sociales. Ils ne comptent pas comme impôts ?

  17. You are not alone. As a matter of fact, this post has been posted a few backs ago:

  18. I can’t DM you for some reason. Add me pls

  19. I am more or less in the same situation. Good luck to you!

  20. wow! 25% is enough for you to survive?

  21. It is expensive. With the same job on the US i can afford eating out multiple times a week, having a car and save a bit.

  22. What did you come to Norway for?

  23. Yes. I am in Denmark. High tax, free education, free healthcare. The general strategy for such countries is to opt for what they call "Barista FI/RE".

  24. what do you do for a living?

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