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  1. This clip is hilarious, the celebration too early straight into pain. :7109:

  2. Congratulations on 800, Triple_Pinochle!

  3. I wonder who has the most battlecries in all of Chiv. :7115:

  4. Congratulations on the big 100!

  5. Now that's using your head!

  6. Can you DM me your ticket number? I will take a look at it.

  7. We're working on a public roadmap update currently, we should be able to update you guys pretty soon hopefully beginning of Feb!

  8. "Last Man Standing" or it's old "Last Team Standing"? :7112: (Body text and title are different)

  9. Awkward, I left my brain on holiday.

  10. Hey all - the users using inappropriate racist language in this post have been muted.

  11. Can you forward me your username? I'll take a look at your profile to see if there's something weird going on there.

  12. Thank you! I will try to get this resolved for you as soon as possible, it may take me a bit with the weekend as I just want to have someone else look at your profile to see why the purchase didn't go through.

  13. Hey there, have you restarted your game since playing after the update? A single game restart should be all that is required.

  14. I stopped playing after i reached max rank in the pass like a week ago. I logged in 10 minutes before this picture to play. I played several games after this to see if it just needed an update like that, still nothing. I think there might be an issue with those that have maxed Battle passes? (Edit: im on xbox)

  15. It's possible but in all example so far, I've asked the player to restart and they've not had any issues. I chatted with some players on PC with max passes who confirmed there's are working, so if you're continues to not work after a restart it may require some further investigation.

  16. Nevermind, for some reason as soon as i responded it started working

  17. Hey there, have you restarted your game since playing after the update? A single game restart should be all that is required.

  18. Are there any plans on optimizing the new map? Before anyone responds with, “ runs fine for me.” This isn’t the case for everyone. Thanks in advance.

  19. Yes there is plans to optimize Stronghold. The work required was not in the scope for a hotfix, but we're working on it currently.

  20. I’m on Xbox, new matches aren’t loading for me all of a sudden. I need to quit after each game, then it brings me back to the main menu, then it automatically loads the next game

  21. Update is still rolling out across all platforms so things may be a bit weird. If it doesn't resolve in the hour feel free to ping me again.

  22. Hopefully we'll have an update this on the morning, but currently we are experiencing issues with Epic and Xbox players trying to use the standalone servers.

  23. Hey all - just wanted to pin a comment here letting everyone know that we are aware of the premium campaign not unlocking for some users, and we're currently working on getting a hotfix out for this issue (and a couple other issues) very soon.

  24. Still no battle pass xp on PS5. Was this fix only for PC?

  25. Able to send me a screenshot of what you're seeing? Has the bar or XP to level up not increased at all? The progress bar moves from left to right as you gain levels, not gain experience. So if you were level 20, your progress bar would be half full.

  26. Seems to be working now. XP visible on battlepass progress after restarting the game again. Thank you for your help.

  27. Wonderful news! Thanks for letting me know the issues been resolved for you.

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