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  1. How are the Moscow police doing from the perspective of people in Idaho?

  2. I don't like how the police are telling us the dog skinning and the student murders are not related. Imo there's a high chance they are. they don't want the public to panic but it doesn't help when the police lie

  3. Oh my goodness I have so many recommendations for this category lmao be ready for a text wall, pretty much all of these are holo glitters but I'm a holo girlie so I just have to mention them lol

  4. Ty, really helpufl!! I'm looking these up!!

  5. It’s not glitter but Emily de Molly’s Chrome Buttons is something you 100% want. It’s the most metallic and reflective rose gold foil polish EVER.

  6. Also, I've been using Link to Windows app for quite a while on my laptop to receive and send text messages. I don't know if it works on Apple but I would assume it does not. It's a Microsoft app so I would assume Apple has something similar.

  7. Ooh I think I'll try the Link to Windows, I'm on Windows. Tx for your reply!!

  8. I messaged you about the LG Gram.

  9. Sorry, wound up selling locally through offerup.

  10. i have a radio i listen to of local stations. it was hard to find an am/fm radio. i do this sometimes instead of hearing pandora.

  11. Do you have a PC or Mac? You can do free Skype to Skype messaging or calling between a computer and a phone. I don’t know if WhatsApp has a similar app or maybe a web interface. If you have an Apple silicon Mac then any app from the App Store should run on it, including WhatsApp.

  12. this is what I was going to suggest or facebook messenger

  13. Thanks for your reply. I see what you're saying so ya I'm going to think about it, just wanted to get other people's opinions so tx a lot!! :)

  14. Yes, in fact video editing would be one of it's main intended uses. The 32 GB of RAM, paired with a discrete GPU that can hardware encode AV1 (the only line of GPUs that can do so) makes it a great portable video editor. Obviously a high powered, dedicated desktop would still perform better for the function, but this is a slim and light laptop. It is a great daily driver for people on the go, working remotely, etc.

  15. Hi, I read thru your replies about this laptop. If you're able to, could you say how does it compare to this Lenovo (

  16. Sure, happy to help, I took a look at that listing you linked:

  17. One other thing, do you think this $1200 from Costco is a lot better or the Ideapad 5 will do fine?

  18. ty so much for your reply! if i get either of those ill use your link!!

  19. My education masters degree program was such a joke. It was 10 times easier than undergrad, it was 90% bs and none of it prepared me to be a teacher. It gave me a lifelong hatred of education PhDs. They were some of the most ignorant people I had ever met. Some of the PhDs or EdDs we're true believers and they were nuts.

  20. I agree on some points, i'm getting my credential now and the classes seem like a waste of time, they need to be updated or taught in a better manner.

  21. 15%? Man, I worked at a school where it had to be 90%.

  22. Just curious, what city was the school in? if you can say...

  23. I had similar experience with an ACER, horrible build quality but I only paid about $500 at the time years ago. Macbook on the other hand was top notch and lasted way longer, the build quality is solid, sturdy and so much better in my opinion.

  24. wow I can really relate to that about the life skills especially my communication/speaking skills in applying for jobs, I also grew up with domestic abuse. I hope you're able to accomplish your goals. what state are you in? I'm in central California.

  25. What state are you in? I'm in California, I'm not homeless but I can relate to having stressful problems that happen over and over again from dysfunctional upbringing. have you tried a support group like Celebrate Recovery (for people with habits, hurts, hangups). they usually have it at churches, I was going but stopped as I get nervous/phobias or isolate myself but it helps to feel like I'm not alone so I'd recommend that as usually the people are nice.

  26. Sorry but this doesn't counter the argument really. This is saying that in a workplace or certain aspects of people's lives they have to have a smart device (doesn't have to be a phone). This is a bit like saying 'for a mechanic they need to have a set of spanners'. Yes, a lot of things are relying on smart devices, especially WORK. But there is nothing to stop a person from having a basic PHONE (which is their own device) and having a device for accessing these things that are WORK devices. This means they have the tools on them that they need and nothing else. Pretty simple really. Then their own device can be whatever they want it to be, it doesn't have to be a mind destroying 'social feed'.

  27. Thank you all so much for the suggestions! I have checked out Garmin and I am either looking at going back to a good old fashioned CD player or a regular ol' MP3 player.

  28. On my Alcatel flip phone which uses KaiOS, I can listen to music mixes or shows on the youtube app. I also have a speaker that plays FM radio.

  29. Do you have a laptop where you can look up directions before you go somewhere? As another user said, we got by without a smartphone until the past 10 years. I use a kindle, laptop, and a radio speaker with radio stations plus my flip phone.

  30. the smartphone was too addictive for me. i'm in the USA and many ppl i know are too distracted by it. i would only go back to a smartphone if i could only have a music app, a maps app, uber or taxi app, payment/credit card app and be able to block distracting apps like social media.

  31. wow that is great to hear! i agree a lot of ppl say they are 'power users' or that they have a handle on their usage but really not. good luck in your goals to limit usage which is what i'm also working on.

  32. If you find confirmation of this please let me know. That would be great. Otherwise, Garmin must make some models with offline Spotify.

  33. Is there a way to view your apple watch stats on a desktop? I ordered an apple watch cellular and going to use an extra iphone my sister has to boot it up but then only occasionally check the phone for longer term data. have u already used something like spotify before? it seems like pita to have to download the music on a garmin. what i'm trying to say is hopefully u can just stick with apple watch.

  34. No, Apple deliberately only makes apps for viewing that information for iPhone.

  35. ohh that's good to know, tx for the quick reply.

  36. Im in my early twenties and personally jt just gets to the point where I am browsing reddit or watching YouTube for hours on end.

  37. yes, i agree, i don't think the internet or smartphones are bad, they have advanced us in many ways, but they can be abused.

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