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  1. Missed opportunity for Triple H to snuggle Logan Paul and gently lay his head on Logan's titty.

  2. Uce I think that's more accurately the Goof Troop clicking refresh on showbuzz daily getting ready to post memes

  3. I have showbuzz in one tab and that dumb fucking mark Brandon Thurston in another tab just refreshing.

  4. Perfectly put. The NBA finals did 11 mil last week and AEW was still at 900K, but yeah, it's the NHL game that did 1 mil that tanked the ratings.

  5. It's year 8 of Bubba being massively lackluster and getting outperformed by every teammate

  6. This is the first season in Cup he has a teammate. I get you don't like him cause he gets a ton of exposure for being a black guy who won a race, but at least get your shit takes correct. When he was in Xfinity, he matched Elliott Sadler's stats at Roush. He ran better than Ryan Reed each season and he lost his ride because of Sponsorship issues, not because of talent. 7 top tens in 12 races before he was let go.

  7. Don't tell the basement. They are having a blast talking about how much this match will slap and downvoting anyone who asked why there is a no build title match.

  8. Does Monster want to sponsor 2 cup cars though? I know it’s a b2b deal, but it’s still a ton of cash.

  9. Well, they sponsor two Xfinity cars already and would probably just move that money up to cup but on a smaller schedule.

  10. You’re making a lot of assumptions. It’s pretty easy to spend someone else’s money, isn’t it?

  11. That's what this post is about friend. Making assumptions and predictions.

  12. AKA, Tony told him to shut his fucking mouth and not promise anything that they can't deliver

  13. He will, but it might not matter unless he wins. The points were already close without him missing an entire race

  14. In episode 2 of YDYD I didn't even remember they were trying to get to another planet until Ky said something.

  15. I'm worried about him getting bit by those bat things. I feel like he may be sick or infected with something now.

  16. Last season we had Mike say "It's not my fault you don't like girls". I don't need it said to know he is gay. And I get the feeling that Vekna will target him once he arrives in Hawkins

  17. Someone had to have went through the figures there and staged that.

  18. Just imagine turning the corner and seeing this fat neckbeard rearranging figures to try to get "internet points".

  19. He's a thin skinned whiny douchebag who blocks people for even following accounts he doesn't like. Does he have sources? Yes. Is he credible? Yes. Is he a POS? Yes.

  20. Hate that little orphan dickhead. I had to drag his dead ass through every battle


  22. People will claim he is out filming a tv show but it was just announced that the show would be filming "Soon", and we were told before he is just waiting on "creative" to bring him back.

  23. Mel shaved her head for AEW and never got booked and was ghosted. But tell me again how the fed badded you

  24. You say that but there isn’t really one for Vince lol

  25. Nick Khan is the next in line of succession.

  26. At least they have Jack and Matt. Not having Jeremy in this means we are done one person who knows what they are doing.

  27. That's assuming Matt and Jack know the mod packs though.

  28. Very true. Either way, I'm pumped for the return.

  29. If I had to sit in a cloud of BO and Incel energy while a guy fucked around for ten minutes to make his friends laugh, I would never go to another live AEW event again.

  30. I don't understand how so many in the basement just take what Thigh toucher says as gospel truth. That thin skinned douche can make up whatever he wants and morons will believe him.

  31. I really want them to use the stage breaks to get rid of people just running around being in the way. If you are 2 laps down or more at a stage break you are done.

  32. You don't really see a driver staying loyal to 1 team and number.

  33. That traitor Gordon drove the 88 car for a few races. Loyal my ass. /S

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