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  1. He’s coming off a career season, but when’s the last time we saw a 39 year old play good playoff minutes? Kind of crazy to give him 3 years

  2. Tim Duncan won a championship when he was 38, went 7 games v the Clippers the next year, and lost in a 2nd round 7 game series vs the Thunder (the Durant, Westbrook, Adams, and Ibaka roster) the year after. Granted that’s TD, I’m just answering your question. Definitely a rare thing to see a 39yo playing meaningful playoff minutes

  3. Lmao I have this on my 80s Toyota pickup in the form of a license plate frame. It’s gotten lots of comments, good and bad, but I find it hilarious

  4. You sure sound like a whiney bitch if you can’t handle someone suggesting you do something. I swear, the people who back stupid shit like anti abortion laws are the biggest fucking pussies when they feel even a slight amount of pushback

  5. god was that Jeff Garcia asking the question in the most unusual way possible lmao he so consistently loves up to his corny rep that I actually kinda like it.

  6. Lmao you already know that’s Jeff with the most unusual cadence of all reporters!

  7. Tbf it’s not the literal North Pole, but rather a town called the North Pole that’s near Fairbanks. I think it has year round Christmas decorations too

  8. He had an awesome exchange with JTA and also pushed Klay in his rehab. What a crazy path for him! So glad he won and it wasn’t CP3, Ja, or Trae Young.

  9. Ja flops a lot. He's not at Harden levels with his head snap, but it gets old seeing him constantly faking getting hit and going to the line.

  10. I get the sentiment, but it's hard to knock a player for playing in a way the rules allow with foul baiting. That's more of an NBA rule problem than it is with Ja specifically imo

  11. Oh mama….a single cab long bed with the graphics and those MEATY tires! That first picture belongs in

  12. They really weren't in contention for that long. They were a good playoff team for 15 years, but they had several periods there where they were just that, a good playoff team. They had no real shot 00-02 and 08-12. The Lakers, Mavs, Blazers, and Kings were just flat out much better teams for those years. They did *really* take advantage though when they were able to get the pieces. 99, 03-07, and 12-14 they were in contention every year.

  13. Did you genuinely say the Kings were better than the Spurs in the 00s and 10s???

  14. I hate to be that guy, but Cinco De Mayo isn’t Mexico’s independence from France, that’s just the celebration of a battle won vs France in the Battle of Puebla. Mexico’s Independence Day is September 16 when they liberated from Spain. I 1000% agree with the sentiments in the OP though

  15. Looks like Gorgonzola cheese to me, but idk why that’d be there lmao

  16. This man Moabs. Yes, Kane Creek. Couldn't quite finish the trail, there's a squeeze farther along Tacomas can fit through and T100s can't.

  17. Just curious, do you think it’d be too narrow for a 100 series Land Cruiser? I’m planning a trip to Moab in September and this trail looks like a good time

  18. Dunno, maybe? If I remember right, the t100 is 76 inches wide. I'd be hesitant to try over 70 inches. Unless you have 37s or 40s.


  20. I saw that one, seemed like the bridge/trem were a little more “modern” so I didn’t know if that guitar would be one to compare it to

  21. This is an old family guitar kept in a case- apparently purchased early 70s, late 60s in Europe. There’s aren’t any serial numbers or markings that make this guitar identifiable, but based on the hardware it looks really old/unique. Any thoughts on year/value of this guitar?

  22. Something similar to this was a “what now airmen” during airmen’s week lol. Do they still do that?

  23. Went through June/July of 2021 and they were still doing those “what now airman?” talks

  24. Poverty is a top reason young men and women, of color, and not, join the military. It offers too many benefits for a desperate young person to ignore, especially one who has lived in perpetual poverty.

  25. Can confirm, green up in poverty and now here I am, in the military. My job doesn’t really go overseas though, so I got lucky

  26. Agreed, I switched to Firefox during sessions because of how much CPU Chrome uses just sitting open

  27. Watching someone walk over a tight tow strap bothers me. That fucker let’s loose it will not be a good day for anyone in the path.

  28. I second this. I've tried several barbershops before I settled on this one. Good quality cut and the price is right. Go and ask for SB.

  29. I’ve been looking for a good barber in Aurora. I’m definitely going to schedule an appointment

  30. Hell yeah, looking forward to this. Hopefully it’s super melodic

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