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  1. She’d be an annoying date….

  2. Gee, I’d say they have barely scratched the surface. If it were me, I’d go with a total ban on firearms except for the military — the literal well-regulated militia.

  3. I’d be more disturbed by a Republican walking in.

  4. 132 school shootings so far this year and the Id1ot Lizard King is cherry picking a handful of disturbed trans people.

  5. Neither has the brains of a cockroach or the moral development of serial killer.

  6. The Red coats will be bringing back literal slavery next. Not joking. The Supreme Court chucked the 14th Amendment last Summer; they could illegally cancel the 13th next. Or the 19th.

  7. One state I have never been interested in visiting. A lure for retirees who are unaware of the hazards.

  8. Unlike most Republicans, he still has his teeth. No brains to be found, though. Thus, no morals.

  9. Talk about choosing the wrong hill to die on. The forgiveness program is VERY popular and everyone personally knows some kid who will start his or her adult career saddled with less debt if the program survives.

  10. Once the word “homeschool” comes up, just give up — you are dealing with someone irredeemably stupid. There are situations where it might be workable or desirable, but in general, you are actually asking completely untrained parents to do a job that is difficult even for people who have the certificate. What next? Drop your doctor who told you to get vaxxed for the local horse farmer with a stash of ivermectin?

  11. Well, buy a lot of CD’s would be the obvious choice.

  12. Just the shifty eyes told me he was a Republican. That’s where we are at as a State and a Nation — one Party is 100% devoted to deceit.

  13. This is what we do to our blue planet, our only home.

  14. They must have something in their skulls because nature abhors a vacuum, but nothing resembling brains.

  15. Or we could ban guns, like I’ve been saying for decades.

  16. I doubt that. In fact, I can tell you I’ve done weddings. Seeing a lot of Canons around?

  17. Kind of cruel. Just let it be public art.

  18. This was no accident! The Fascist GOP is coming out, Loud and Proud! So now can we put an end to them, like we did Hitler?

  19. Actually, Hitler put an end to Hitler.

  20. They have no concept of how outnumbered they are. Or how increasingly oppressed by these backward dIpsh1ts we are beginning to feel, especially after Dobbs (also known as Dred Scott version 2).

  21. Nothing China likes better than forcibly expanding its borders.

  22. What do you expect from filth like Orban?

  23. The US data is profoundly terrifying.

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