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I pulled historical data from 1973-2019, calculated what four identical scenarios would cost in each year, and then adjusted everything to be reflected in 2021 dollars. ***4 images. Sources in comments.

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  1. Can you explain how or direct me somewhere? You're saying it's wrong on every panel but not providing info of what is wrong and how.

  2. There was a car at that intersection (2 way stop) that stopped after the stop sign and caused the Tesla to overcorrect.

  3. Is the driver not able to take over to prevent the above from happening? That is one dangerous over correction.

  4. Take care of my niece and make sure she is okay. Call my sibling to see what's going on.

  5. I live an hour and a half from the state capital. A 1,800sqft house next door is selling for 800,000$. Guys you didn't hear the best part, it has a decent sized back yard!

  6. Because it's probably copy pasted from a post with "millennials" changed to "zoomers". I don't think Zoomers have even lived through the stuff posted in OP... multiple economic crashes? Foreclosures? Bruh, how old were you in 2008, like 5? There are still Zoomers in middle school. As a younger millennial, I'd say even I'm barely old enough to have directly seen these things.

  7. It is hard being a kid watching your parents go through foreclosure. You're a child that has lost what little stability they had. The child is effected by the foreclosure too. I'm a young millennial/elder gen z and saw the crash of 2008 take everything from my parents leaving us homeless. Being homeless can absolutely affect a 5 year old.

  8. I'm riddled with diseased I can't do anything about. If I die early it'll be a gift.

  9. Good news is a lot of MILFS are millennials these days and I don't know too many millennials that like minion memes on Facebook. Im a mom, I'll annoy you with genshin Impact fact before minion memes.

  10. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but I enjoy it! My spouse and I can play together from anywhere!

  11. Best of both worlds. Boobs, a weiner, and a bussy. That's heaven.

  12. The school has already made a public statement that this is false. They do not have littler boxes. Someone needs to take the mic from this woman.

  13. This American idea that a child needs life long therapy if they see tits or a naked human is fucking weird as shit, at least for my Finnish brain. Here we have a big sauna culture so seeing friends, family & strangers naked ever since early childhood is the norm, it's not traumatizing, it's not sexual and it's not weird, it's natural. I will never understand how Americans view nudity.

  14. Born and raised in the US Bible Belt, I can give a little insight.(at least from my part of the US) It's shame. My community was all about shame. If you are an evil sinner then I'm holier in comparison. If you masturbate, you're going to hell. If you miss one day of church, HELL. Enjoy looking at the naked human body? SUPER HELL! I was raised to be ashamed of my body and how sexual it could be. I was raised to hide my skin like it was a crime. I don't like it either. I hate the way they made me feel about my body, and how scared I was of what would happen if I sinned. "Everyone else is so holy, why do I have to see the naked body as interesting? IM EVIL!" That's the other thing, damn near everyone is holy and without sin. Because they hide the sin as they are ashamed and don't want to admit to others that they aren't a perfect Christian. So everyone around is perfect, innocent, and without fault. While I feel all the confusing and scary things inside, everyone seems so perfect from the outside. Makes a child very confused and scared.

  15. Thank you so much for this reply. This really helps me understand a lot more.

  16. Thank you for the hug, I definitely need it! Yes it is harmful. I'm still handling the damage and trauma from it all. I still struggle to love myself and see myself. I think I look better when my skin is fully covered. I'm working to change and to love myself but it takes time to undo decades of shame. I'm doing differently with my kid. I don't want her to be ashamed and when she has a question about her body, I want to educate, teach her to love and accept her good and bad. Fingers crossed!

  17. Isn't bond based on the danger the charged poses to themselves, others, and the chances of them skipping out on court? Someone correct me if I'm wrong, I'm really not sure.

  18. Absolutely fucking horrible. I don't know what I'm going to do.

  19. It's true, people don't understand what it means to have no help. When I get real and explain exactly what it's like to raise a child with ZERO support from the government, the state, or your own family, their response was always "Then you shouldn't have had a kid! Poor planning on your part doesn't constitute an emergency on my part." Right, I should've never had a kid, I'll just shoot the bugger through the brain or go back in time before I ever had sex, problem solved right? No? You mean we still have to find a solution to the problem? UNBELIEVABLE!

  20. Wow, that is an unfortunate ban! Were you able to contact the mods later to explain the misunderstanding? It really wasn't your fault if English isn't your first language!

  21. That sucks so much. I'm sorry it happened to your favorite sub!

  22. When people act like there's one way to play the game and if you haven't payed super duper close attention to all the details then you aren't a real player. Like what?

  23. Millennials have been told for decades we aren't entitled to shit. We get it. We aren't entitled to healthcare, food, shelter, joy, etc.

  24. Talk about the burn out those kids would experience. We all need breaks, bruh.

  25. Just keep respecting their wishes like they're doing. You did things as a teen that adults didn't understand either. They are children becoming adults and finding out who they are in the world. If your sister doesn't know themselves then how do they know they are female? Because it's what they were born? It's okay to identify different at any age. Your sister isn't doing serious damage to their body, just exploring themself.

  26. Idk how well or not well known it is but I like Chongyun, Sucrose, YunJin, and Bennett. They're a clunky, but fun combo!

  27. Nah, but there's a lot of info tossed at you early game. Its easy for some info to get missed.

  28. I'm a woman and I wipe front to back from the front. I go between the front of my legs to wipe back. Works great for me and no poop in the baby shoot.

  29. Most Christians don't shove their beliefs down others throats. I've met more atheists that did that than Christians, especially on the internet. I've seen posts where someone had a question about the bible and an atheist would comment "God's not real grow up" but I haven't seen the opposite yet. Maybe it's confirmation bias but I don't get it.

  30. I've met more Christians that force their beliefs. I don't know a single Christian that can refrain from mentioning God or Jesus or the holy spirit longer than a couple hours. I'm scared every day because my neighbor has a "God, Guns, and Trump" flag and made it known to me that I don't belong in the neighborhood because of my sins. (I have a LGBTQ+ flag on my front lawn and a pan flag in the back).

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