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  1. Buddy who works for them said 40% is very likely.

  2. Tlsd same area though -_- I wouldn’t mind a stone man one day though. I really want to try sheasomma duck face or short board after this one

  3. I'd say lightly sand it back to shape and then hot coat it and it will look great.

  4. Copy maybe I’ll give it a little more sanding tomorrow. And give it a little more love

  5. dated multiple girls at my last box and i actually married one. as long as you both dont make it weird if something goes sour and your adults about it its fine. still talk and workout with my exs.

  6. I just started backup again. I followed misfit for years. Recently tried jumpship “Seth from misfit” and hwpo. Though I liked hwpo it’s hard to do the workouts at work because of the equipment or lack of. Just jumped back into misfit and enjoying it again. I forgot how much of a love hate relationship I have with the bitch work

  7. Just the workouts. I didn’t like the layering and layout of jumpship. He changed his style a lot since he stated jumpship.

  8. Just a shoutout but status is a killer skate shop. Picked up a board there last year and it’s probably one of the best skate shops around.

  9. Got the Tyr ctx-1 for free at wodapalooza. They fit similar to a nobull which is slightly too narrow for my foot.

  10. Yea I’ve noticed my nobulls at least semi stretch because of the fabric. Did the ctx stretch? They have an 11.5 which I normally wear an 11 in the nobulls

  11. Not sure if he sold it yet but @_notlow on Instagram was selling his white f31 diesel. He’s in SoCal

  12. He did not but that is a clean f31. Would love mine to look like that once I get one.

  13. Oh you can get that 100%. I had a 2013 328i (f30) with the n20. Stage 1 with a catless dp, 125k miles no issues whatsoever other than typical maintenance and an 02 sensor. The b46/48 is just a better n20/n26.

  14. Awesome. Now I just need to find a low mileage clean white one. Yep we take my wife’s lifted 4runner because it’s somehow cheaper to drive that then a diesel rig.

  15. Holy fuck. I ignored the broadcast because last year was literally ankle high, but my god that woulda been good to have on in the background at work

  16. Which it normally is here. And when it gets bigger it’s normally close out central by the pier. Wish I wasn’t at work I’d go out today and tomorrow.

  17. These are Aodhan AFF7 wheels. Check my comment history because I can’t honestly remember the wheel specs since I got them November 2020

  18. I still don’t get why we don’t get cool cars like this in the us. Awesome rides op

  19. Look up rp fitness. Life lessons with macro eating with them

  20. I’ll agree with this. Never was a fan

  21. full livestreams are still up on both surfline and da hui's youtubes. entire final day (sunday) had great commentary about surfing and hawaiian history

  22. Was watching it live and it was such a heavy wave. The guys commentating were super calm and just trusted the Hawaiian rescue team. Those guys are key and are some real live savers.

  23. I didn’t know they made different colors. Now I need them

  24. The kore and banks love. I also just live vuori in general though

  25. Ski's are great for experienced surfers to get into waves they otherwise wouldn't have been been able to ride safely. Ski's are not for inexperienced surfers to avoid a long paddle out.

  26. They were skis out in sd county this last week. Couple saves and lots of tow ins.

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