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  1. This really does sum up the spirit of Chambersburg though

  2. Is that the same car that took out the tree in Pottsville lol

  3. Hitting everything but rock bottom!

  4. That's probably what he's telling the Coyotes ownership haha

  5. What are you talking about, Yotes have no shortage of Kachina

  6. Hmm, maybe because he killed 6 people including children and recklessly injured over 60 people. He could see people in front of him through the windshield but chose to drive through them. I have no sympathy for him feeling vilified.

  7. It is a little odd that of the 140 car attacks this year alone this one is the one that people are not only willing to pay attention to but willing to immediately and unequivocally condemn the perpetrator

  8. As a recovering heroin addict myself, the lifestyle is unfortunately much closer to a cockroach than it is a human being

  9. That you're willing to dehumanize yourself doesn't make dehumanizing people who are addicted any less despicable or unhelpful. There is precisely one place that kind of language leads and we're already 3/4 of the way there so maybe be a little more mindful of how you describe human beings.

  10. But you can punish and deprive them out of society. Fuck addicts, and fuck people who make excuses for them.

  11. Yeah cause that's been going so fucking well for us you moron

  12. Scammers deny medical science more at 11

  13. Always remember to never forget that the Nazis pushed the same kind of message, that it was the Germans who were being attacked financially, culturally, and every other kind of way, prior to disenfranchising (then killing) all Jews, homosexuals, intellectuals, and any other political opposition.

  14. Be like an elephant - never forget to remember

  15. Some Germans choose not to take basic steps to ensure the safety of their countrymen, find themselves unwelcome

  16. Is this what we're doing this week? Posting every crime in the city of San Francisco so we can circle jerk about how bad it is?

  17. I would probably say it's more of the negative influence of the internet and social media.

  18. Hmm a global thing causing problems in just one place that checks out

  19. This is probably the best outcome for everyone involved. The rest are way darker.

  20. Good that lady is dangerously insane. Keep an eye on her fans for a bit after you take her in, too.

  21. Hey whaddya know the gut instinct of angry schlubs was incorrect again.

  22. We got the achievement for having a hat trick goal called off, at least. That's a hard one to get

  23. Almost worth it denying Hyman the goal

  24. We're gonna have to hustle for that miraculous comeback

  25. Confirmed that the Pens hate fun and hate Hyman.

  26. When it became clear that we couldn't win it became about stealing those hats

  27. I gotta say I didn't think it was possible but the sheer pettiness of that endeared him even further to me

  28. Oh come on animals love eating assholes. They'll eat their own assholes. Shoving their nose up there every chance they get.

  29. They built this one once Pualie Shore was occupied with the decoy

  30. 80 of them were alike but he didn't tell people about that

  31. Eventually you can roll it through town leaving a trail of destruction

  32. I never got this. Is your desire to have heterosexual sex an ideological thing? It feels like there should be something a little less political to it, you know?

  33. well that's not gonna get a ton of people scammed

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