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How would you get a small cylinder (5.1in length, ~4.5in girth) unstuck from a mini M&Ms tube filled with butter and microwaved mashed banana?

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  1. were you trying to put a nut in your m&ms?

  2. Said the stupid executive when peanut MnMs were pitched.

  3. That's because your lambda function includes the variable i that it gets from the environment. Trouble is, all the lambda functions share the same environment so for each function i has the last value assigned to it which is 3. One way around the problem is to force the i value to be passed as a parameter to the lambda which "preserves" the i value as the value when the lambda was actually defined:

  4. I did not know you could use lambdas in list comps. You just opened up a universe of fuckery for me.

  5. For now. I want to see them add a law that it is illegal to hold up blank papers. Then protesters add a dot. Then a line. Then a triangle.

  6. Paper has now been banned… ink has been banned too… almost forgot, Chinese people have also been banned

  7. These kids are such amazing actors that I forget they’re still kids.

  8. Wouldn't call it a cool detail. Would be bad costume design if his Armour wasn't dented and dirty after jousting and rolling around with Daemon.

  9. Daemon’s wasn’t nearly as dented though. Even though Christen landed more severe blows. Plus, Christen showed up to the tourney with his armor looking like that.

  10. I haven’t seen anyone point this out yet, someone let me know if this has already been discussed. But a cool detail I noticed is how during the tourney Christen Cole’s armor is visibly dented, and abused especially compared to the other knights’. This is because he’s the only one of the knights in the tourney that has been in a real battle. Rhenys in episode one comments on how these knights are blood thirsty because none of these knights have fought in a real battle before. In episode 2, Rhenera picks him to be part of the kings guard for this exact same reason.

  11. Since it’s on my work laptop I don’t think I can use that code but I will make a blog post. Stay tuned.

  12. Definitely of the moments. It’s up there with the others.

  13. Yes, right after the ones that have already happened.

  14. I’m glad I’ve seen this now but this is hardly the proper sub.

  15. I think it’s a shitpost. Because there’s no asshole in the ad.

  16. I get that it’s popular to hate on apple, but if you don’t think for a second that apple knows how to make quality products then you haven’t been paying attention. Affordable? Not for most. Over priced? Debatable. Quality? For sure.

  17. I think less people hate on apple than on facebook.

  18. And honestly in a fast pace world where everyone is trying to one up the other, we really have to give credit to apple for taking the time to properly engineer products before releasing them. That’s part of why their products cost so much, the amount apple spends on R&D I sickening. Not an apple fanboy by any means, but I love it when products just work. Still code and use photoshop on my MacBook from 2012.

  19. World record for most concussions sustained while achieving the world record for most front flips onto a platform.

  20. Not if biden doesn't leverage that for us interests. So far the us government has declared unconditional support. In other words biden needs to grow some balls

  21. I can tell you’re a republican and I do not mean that in a condescending way. My best friend is a trump supporter, so I’m not as anti trump as most are. I actually think some of his foreign policies are exactly what we needed, . But I’m actually agree with SOME republican policies. But actually serious question, why would you have elected trump or other republican president answer? If not not a desantis who and why can either. I should reiterate I’m not gonna berate if your view is different from mine. I’m legitimately curios how others view the United States right now.

  22. My lord how wrong you are. I voted for biden. I can tell you don't think critically for yourself, just blindly support the person not actually think about actions and policy. Let me guess you probably regurgitate the spiel that merrick garland is taking his time just to make sure he has a strong case, ignoring the news that his doj was surprised by the testimony in the jan. 6th committee hearings. Saudi Arabia actively tried to get Republicans elected in the midterms by supporting russias oil production quotas and biden hasnt done anything to leverage American power to punish or even threaten the Saudis even going do far as to put out a press release saying the us will unconditionally protect them against Iran. I call it as I see it and biden exudes weakness

  23. Honestly, I’ve never been so happy being biased as I might seem (ftom personal reasons) I’m glad you’re not a trumptard.

  24. And maybe India and China and Turkey… just not quite.

  25. That's less than a day's losses for Russia. What difference do they expect that to make?

  26. The definite answer to this is industry standards. Bodies like ISO, IETF, ETSI, W3C will all have FHE standardized one day (actually ISO has already started, tentative date of publication is 2024), and a lot of guidance will come along with the technical specifications. That's the only way we know to ensure trust and future-proof investments: standards and public scrutiny to maintain them in time. IMHO, standards will open the way to a global adoption (together with hardware acceleration) because there will be no point NOT to use FHE by default everywhere it applies.

  27. I’m a total idiot then it comes to cryptography and standards. But it seems like FHE is a very niche field that few people actually know about in depth. That being said, how is a body like ISO able to gather enough knowledge in what I assume is a relatively short amount time to be able to publish standards?

  28. I know Trump isn't popular on reddit but he had the best foreign policy response to NK of any USA president:

  29. Sometimes I really wish Trump would come back on Twitter because he has the funniest tweets of any politician I can think of. But then I remember the other stuff and I’m like nah, never mind.

  30. Follow him on truth social if that’s your thing. The rest of us are happy not having every little thing he decides to shitpost making headline news

  31. Did you read the entirety of my comment or did all the blood in your brain flow to your rage boner?

  32. British intelligence also speculates that russian commanders assign barrier troops to shoot at retreating russian soldiers.

  33. I give him 6 months before he’s deposed.

  34. Yea, there are some videos I will never watch. Violence towards children is one of them. The description alone has me cringing.

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