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You want a solution? 15 seconds to rattle off 4 common-sense gun reforms from Beto O'Rourke

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  1. Just keep in mind you’re obsessed with the idea of them in your head and maybe not necessarily them

  2. Correlation something something causation

  3. Ruger is a firearm brand. Like Nissan and Toyota are both cars.

  4. Exactly so how is “a ruger” basically the same?

  5. In the context of their post (AR-15 vs Ruger Mini-14),

  6. Ok I like your example, comparatively to Honda Civic modifications.

  7. You think old wiring is the only thing in old walls?

  8. Is it that hard to avoid a plumbing route..

  9. About eight or nine years ago was doing a rewire of a house built in the 1850s and then added on to over the years.

  10. I mean we’re not on that job and we’re not on this guys job either. I gave the price I think it would be using a square foot average.

  11. You asked what dump when he already told you what dump

  12. Idk.. have you taken a look at the market ?

  13. I think my wife married me because I cooked a nice breakfast for her

  14. I cooked an absolute terrible breakfast for my wife the first time, so that also works.

  15. I really want to invest in this company based on fundamentals, but hyping shit for no reason is not cool marketing, it is deceptive. I need this company to offer real value and honest worker pay and benefits, and no hype empty marketing. Be the change we all want to see in this world.

  16. People downvoting you are shamelessly defending bad moves

  17. Other than looking like shit it’s a practical way to avoid a disconnect reconnect

  18. Funny that the local news from a state with a total population less then that of 18 of the United States' major cities made UK news but the fact that Hillary Clinton's campaign manager testified in court that she personally authorized the spreading of information to reporters about Donald Trump colluding with Russia that she knew was false wasn't even reported by most of the US news.

  19. Dude you may be right but that’s so unrelated it’s just complete “what about” ism

  20. A kamado grill. Didn’t really have an extra $1500 laying around but I grill several times a week and we really enjoy the extra taste. It adds a little bonding time for the family cooking and eating together where we otherwise don’t get much in this busy life.

  21. Business bank accounts can be more expensive, and not needed for rentals. I would just open up a second chequing account at your bank to keep rental expenses seperate. That won't cost you anything.

  22. My business account with bmo is literally free so idk what you’re on about

  23. I personally have a feeling we’re going to have a crash in the housing market in about 6-10 months but that’s just me, some idiot on Reddit.

  24. Idk she did better than a lot. She came out blasting in their direction under return fire. Crazy or stupid? You decide

  25. I mean in one sense they are supposed to be business partners. When you argue for union benefits or wages it’s for the overall benefit of the worker and the company. A benefit to the company because their workers are more happy and productive.

  26. I’ve been on dozens of planes in the last 18 months, and I think you’re being a bit naive. Just because you didn’t get sick doesn’t mean there weren’t people sick around you. It’s a risk you take.

  27. Well for a while it was reported when there was a case of Covid on your plane. Not sure if they’re still doing it but yea you would actually know if someone ended up testing positive through the travel can app

  28. There is no required testing post-flight for international flights anymore, and there never was for domestic. That would require someone to both:

  29. And if you end up testing positive through pcr or report it to your local health ministry due to hospitalization, other testing requirements, it is reported and recorded

  30. Well the concern is induction, reactance, added resistance and most importantly heat build up

  31. Hire an electrician. Grounding is the single most important safety protection feature in an electrical system. This is not something you want to guess at or do a quick weekend DiY on

  32. As a guy who’s been doing this since 1987 I say good work.

  33. Who gives a fuck how clean it is? As long as it’s reasonable to work in in the future it’s fine.

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