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my bro is gay

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  1. Its a good point to deliver, just a stupid way to deliver it.

  2. I don't think it is stupid when you watch the whole video because it does make you shocked at first. Then the realization comes that it's no different than saying it's straight.

  3. Some people wont get the message, and will call her a child abuser. Have the video sure, but st the end have a literal message to say something like "let kids be kids, not straights or gays".

  4. That's not the whole video that's posted. Somebody edited it and cut the rest out on purpose

  5. It makes me wonder how much he makes in ticket sales? How much is he thinking he could lose?

  6. Why? Aren’t you sick of people talking about this shitshow?

  7. It's part of a bigger campaign to discredit the metoo movement. That's why you see it all the time. A lot of people online are emotionally invested in this. Everybody has an angle online now. You're always being sold something.

  8. I don't think in the way people think it does. Being low intelligence can go both ways. You can view the world as a threat or you could not be aware of threats that exist.

  9. They're the more gullible and stupid of the two groups of idiots. That's obvious.

  10. except Rogan. I think he's just a bit of a dumbass

  11. Do you remember the IDW? The whole era was republican media voices soliciting Joe like pharmaceutical companies solicit doctors.

  12. And we idiots on the left just forfeit that battle.

  13. That sums it up. Id also add they focus on imagery and that is as Persuasive as it gets. I even get into it with people on the left who think standing in traffic or yelling at people trying to have coffee is some how a good idea. Meanwhile they had a hot tub at the freedom convoy. They figured out how to grow their numbers by being approachable to people who felt outcast

  14. Well we're getting into more specifics so the goal posts will narrow to be more accurate.

  15. Sure sounds like maybe you’re one of the ones who don’t like free speech…

  16. There's a website behind that you can use to find a lot of stuff they throw out but you gotta be there at the right time.

  17. lmao my ex said she didn’t think she’d be attracted to me if I got fit (I was slightly overweight at the time)

  18. I know a handful of guys this happened to and I don't think it's what you're suggesting. Also Jesus Christ that went from 0 to 100 real fast

  19. Joe rogan can't ride on any Rollercoasters. Elon Musk is a rich guy LARP'n as an engineer. Donald Trump got pissed on by Russian prostitutes. Crypto is a scam. Nuclear power is foolish if we can't guarantees a safe storage plan. Covid is an NFT. Obese women are happy. Jordan Peterson shouldn't give anyone advice.

  20. There aren’t kids once they are adults. Nice try though, your problem is you don’t see difference between a 5, and an 18 year old. It’s going to get you in trouble homie.

  21. Wait... what? Do you think I allow my kids on my porn sites? No.. I own porn sites, and have had the conversation about where babies come from with my three kids. Two totally separate and whole different conversations. They know I own sites but have never seen any of them.

  22. Breaking the rules or being unlawful does not make you a bad guy. Just means you're breaking the rules.

  23. It use to mean you're an asshole but now it means you're a hero. People do whatever the fuck they want now. Nothing matters.

  24. When the country actually worked and thrived. People are selfish now more than ever. The only thing that matters more is self.

  25. I just watched a video of a women trying to stop a man from fishing in Germany because it's something prohibited. He's surrounded by others fishing as well. The comments are all about how she's a Karen. I think it sums up a lot of issues today in that nobody cares anymore. Attitudes now are about breaking rules because acting like nobody is responding for their own actions. The people who give a fuck are assholes for giving a fuck instead of just doing whatever makes them feel good. It's the selfish generation.

  26. How did they miss a fucking foot long tumor and misdiagnose him to this extent?

  27. I always assume it's about averages with diagnoses. Outliers exist and they tend to go undiagnosed. If every patient who complained of vague problems like stomach pain, was pushed to a specialist, you'd have much more people dying while waiting to be seen because there just isn't enough doctors.

  28. The big one to look at are the ex military guys that went to train police officers. It taught them defensive postures the lead to a lot of the assaults and killings of civilians.

  29. I have never in my life come across people talking about this stuff other than you people who spend all your time watching videos and discussing it.

  30. But like l yeah it often takes a paragraph to unpack 1 sentence of nonsense.

  31. In truth it's more for the people who will never watch it so the jokes really on me 😂🤣.

  32. That's awesome, I had that epiphany too when I heard a women on the radio say that her father always read text books and she thought it was weird. He told her that if you can learn something new everyday then you're doing good. And it made me realize I had never even bothered to learn after graduating. I was just partying and working. Changed my life because like you said I realized it's fun like going to the gym. It's a hobby that pays dividends.

  33. At first I really thought this was a weird joke, but this dude apparently really was her boyfriend. Even more bizarre is this guy and Jordan Peterson probably have had conversations together. I got to imagine the universe would explode if this two spoke together... yet it has happened.

  34. He was on your mom's house podcast and there was heavy inferences that he was trafficking women. He full on admitted to running casinos for local criminals with his brother.

  35. Ahhh yes, a notorious war tourist who sits well behind the front lines posting social media all day while Mobilised Ukrainians are getting minced in the meat grinder on the front lines.

  36. With people feeling desensitized to the metoo movement and Heard v Depp going on, are we entirely sure we have all the info?

  37. 3/4 of all women and 1/2 of all men experience Sexual assault. I wouldn't say anybody is desensitized to anything because this one case.

  38. There honestly isn't anything more pathetic going on on the internet right now than progressives’ absolute non-stop obsession with Musk. Envy at its most obvious

  39. We didn't have canon in the eighties. We had plot. Writers just wrote what they wanted to and it didn't need to make sense. Canon didn't come until later in the 00s. That's Canon.

  40. Who is bank rolling this guy. I've never known why guest this mild who gets this many posts dedicated to reminding people he's about to be on something. Then the week after he's on an episode there's the same amount of posts asking how much people liked the guy.

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