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  1. Citi Field has better food options in every way, the only thing I would take from Yankee Stadium is the Lobel’s steak sandwich which is incredible.

  2. If they they gonna charge satellite prices, they need to offer the same channels as satellite for directvstream

  3. 125th street near lenox next to the old rite aid that closed down



  6. It is the same. They removed it starting with the iphone 13.

  7. Is this a directv stream box? Does this happen to all your recordings? Never seen this one on my Osprey

  8. Yeah, for real. This doesn't even look like a rat. And I've been to Gammeeok a lot of times, it's on the second floor, for one thing, so rats are a bit less likely, and that soup looks mostly finished. How could a person eat that much without noticing?

  9. I rather them be shut down and learn from their carelessness. Restaurants tend to not listen to customers complaints about food issues. But the DoH issues speaks volumes and should be a wakeup call to these restaurants.



  12. How many customers does Mint/ultra bring to the table vs how many customers Tracfone bought to Verizon?

  13. Directvstream needs to be innovating like this. Paying more money each year with nothing to show for it.

  14. All of these changes are trial and error. It will take time for passengers to make travel changes after the mta finds a true final adjustment

  15. I may be missing something obvious or misunderstanding, but T-Mobile commonly uses 600MHz (B/N71), so what does this mean?

  16. They have closed three of the regular stores in harlem, nyc.

  17. It works on the 2/5 lines cause its two trains. The 4 has only 1 line

  18. For the hiking for august, do we have a watch out for ticks or other bugs when in PR? What clothing is recommended for if we wander outside of san juan?

  19. Depending on the time of day, he may be going up to 207th Street to be an Astronomical “A” for PM rush.

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