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  1. How many overtimes until NASCAR just stops bringing out the yellow.

  2. Just remember this is all Brad Keselowski's fault.

  3. Justin Haley doing a good job practicing his burnout for when he wins Daytona.

  4. Jordan Taylor is coming for Marvin Burke's 100% win rate record.

  5. Imagine an alternate universe where A.J. goes by Tony Allmendinger and Tony Stewart goes by A.W. Stewart.

  6. They waited until Creed took the lead to throw the caution, proof NASCAR has an Anti-Sieg agenda.

  7. I'm mixed on this type of racing but I've noticed that a lot of the people vehemently against it and talking about how bad it is have Larson flairs. Interesting given Larson's "success" on these tracks.

  8. What a stupid and dumb take. Probably the worst of the day. Congrats

  9. Although since half my flair is Justin "Plate God" Haley I can't necessarily speak.

  10. Being at negative points is only a minor setback for Justin "The Justin" Haley, all it takes is ONE win. And there's lots of races that could be rain shortened...

  11. J.J. Yeley just needs to make up 2 laps and he'll have a good shot here!

  12. Ross Chastain intentionally wrecked Kevin Harvick to prove he deserved the Busch sponsorship, just like Chick Hicks intentionally wrecking the field for Dinoco.

  13. Where's the kaboom!? There was supposed to be an Earth-shattering kaboom!

  14. Ah well, 100th podium will be delayed until Australia.

  15. I think they should disqualify Max for going to the pits, it'd be funny.

  16. We need like a retro Yeley flair or something because the plain white RWR 15 is pretty boring.

  17. Feel like even if Austin Hill won every other race this season people would still discredit him because of his early wins all being on plate tracks.

  18. After that chaotic of a "race", I need to relax and drink some hot chocolate out of my Daniel Dye mug and wrap myself in my Daniel Dye blanket.

  19. The caution coming out made no difference so I don't really care.

  20. You don't have to be lonely, at

  21. I agree with their decision to appeal and I hope NASCAR will make it right by cancelling the rest of the season and declaring Justin Haley the 2023 Cup Series Champion.

  22. I think 2 laps of overtime is too little, if we go over distance they should just add the full race length distance on. Add 312 more laps and get back out there, boys!

  23. Reddick should have bumped Blaney instead of Byron, it probably would've taken out all 3 of them.

  24. Harrison Burton just got fired from KHI Management.

  25. So which Stewart-Haas car is gonna brush the wall to bring out our late caution this week?

  26. People upset earlier about the commentators not mentioning things that are happening and now people are upset about Clint talking about the pass for the lead.

  27. A Cup Series Champion shouldn't be stealing wins from kids, I thought Martin Truex, Jr. was better than this.

  28. You realize that's his brother, right?

  29. Sammy Smith is not Martin Truex, Jr.'s brother.

  30. He looks like Ty Gibbs and Tyler Ankrum combined.

  31. With this Top 10, Justin Haley begins his Championship hunt.

  32. Justin "The Justin" Haley finished P8, as was foretold in the stars.

  33. This ain't over yet, the tarot cards said Justin Haley was gonna win.

  34. Austin Hill going from being a midpack Truck driver driving for his own team to where he is now is honestly one of the more interesting career arcs.

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