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  1. Oh don’t worry raita is always there, just not in the pic unfortunately

  2. Looks great but why is it in those tinfoil containers when its homemade?

  3. Because we make a large amount and share with relatives and friends who live nearby

  4. The yellow one is actually a very light lentil soup they give to start. That red sauce is probably one of the best and simplest things I’ve had. A mixture of tomato, onion, coriander, green chillis and garlic cloves. Combined with the rice it’s otherworldly! My mouths watering just thinking about it haha

  5. This does not look authentic tho. Rice should be more yellow and shiny. but it does look delicious!

  6. I had this in UAE, maybe not as authentic as Qatari or Yemeni, but still it hits the spot everytime! Would love to try some authentic homemade Mandi some day.

  7. Meanwhile lamb/mutton isn’t in supermarkets where I live

  8. Americans don’t really do lamb/mutton. Dunno why it’s yummy

  9. Its basically all i eat. Although I must say you do have some great food across the pond.

  10. Haha this is near me, you must be in North London? Edmonton or Southgate?

  11. This is the one in Southgate, I think theres a few of them but I’ve only ever been to the Southgate branch

  12. I went to the Edmonton one many years ago, I've only had takeaway from Southgate. The food is banging. Not sure whats better though, Kervan or Aksular.

  13. Agreed Kervan is top top tier, defo my favourite Turkish restaurant in London. Never been to Aksular before, added it to the list!

  14. Looks tasty. Love me some tandoori chicken

  15. I bought it months ago. It’s been torture waiting to play it, since I’m going in order from REmake onwards.

  16. Hopefully you enjoy it. I wasn't a fan of RE4 on Gamecube due to it turning the series into a shooter as opposed to survival horror. However, last year I decided to play through the PS4 version and actually finish the game for the first time.. Unfortunately, it just didn't do it for me. There are things about it that I enjoyed though, and I can definitely see how it inspired third person shooters that came later.

  17. I’m a huge fan of the survival horror genre and especially the recent games, RE2remake is one of my favourite games of all time.

  18. I'm just praying we get "a little sacrifice" at some point.

  19. They only confirmed this short story afaik and I'm guessing it will happen on their way to Kaer Morhen

  20. Blood of Elves is the next book in the story, it starts after the first 2 books and the end of season 1. There are some differences but it should be okay. Of course if you want the full experience you should read the first 2 books as well, they are fantastic and a lot of stuff in the show which may be a bit confusing will become clear.

  21. Legitimate question: why do you call it a cuppa? I say that all the time, & my husband is always saying, "A cuppa what?" I explained it always means a cup of tea, and he asked why. I know I could just Google it, but asking another human being seems nicer.

  22. Its a more informal way of saying cup of tea, try saying cup of tea really fast it sounds like cuppatea and then just take the tea off and there you have it 😊

  23. How do you pronounce cuppa? Cup with pa on the end? Just a hard A sound? Just cup? I have always wondered.

  24. Telling my two younger brothers that our Grandfather had just died. I couldn’t bring myself to say it directly so I tried to say something along the lines of “He’s not with us anymore” or something, I don’t really remember that day was such a blur. It was hard for all three of us because our Grandfather was very close to us and we loved him dearly. I was 15 and they were 11 and 12.

  25. Not a good presentation i must say. I’m new to reddit and if i had known this /foodporn existed, i would have photopgraphed such beautiful kebap plates from eastern parts of Turkey, you wouldn’t believe...

  26. Yes of course it can never be as authentic as the food from the country itself, but it was still enjoyable and you can never go wrong with that much meat on a plate 😁

  27. It needs Beethoven’s pastoral playing in the background!!! Lovely image

  28. Ahhhh then what bout the 1 that dr strange pointed? What does that mean? Or am i thinking too deep of this?

  29. He was telling Tony this is the 1 scenario where we can win, he knew Tony would have to give his life.

  30. A Lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinion of sheep - Tywin Lannister

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