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  1. Smiling with No Teeth by Genesis Owusu Sometimes I Might Be Introvert by Little Simz CMIYGL by Tyler Hitler Wears Hermes 8: Side B

  2. Todd Gilliland was a hazard during testing, and while I’d like him to do well, I don’t see him doing so.

  3. The worse thing is that most, if not all, of the announcements happening this month we’re finalized in August and September… which means the silly season is all but decided before the season is over. Still a few rides to be announced but most deals, especially the Honda deals, were done earlier in the year. Indycar really does have a sucky offseason because once the next deals get announced, we’re sitting with nothing until the season starts

  4. Fair enough. I guess then the question is do you think hemric or gragson is the better shot for the trophy?

  5. Dib has the least amount of money of the three so realistically I’d say it’s the opposite

  6. Do we know if there is a purse for winning this? I mean seems like there should be some incentive to raise the stakes.

  7. There might be points awarded. However if there is any incentive, it hasn’t been announced yet

  8. Yeah. I don’t think a full blown Netflix production crew would be cost effective or really even necessary for what I’m talking about. But more like a small creative production company with a couple dedicated people who have the vision to produce something compelling in a 17 minute YouTube video each weekend. It’d be much better than the standard 5 min bts video made by the PR person running around with their iPhone.

  9. I think you’ll like what’s being made then. Lots of costs are involved in it though. Sadly you almost need a big “netflix” type production with licensing and other fees associated.

  10. Driver’s eye, uncensored radio comms, fly on the wall videos, all-access race day or full weekend documentaries. I’d rather watch a 20 minute documentary with dawn to dusk BTS footage from the whole weekend than a 5 minute standard-question interview or a 3 minute highlight reel.

  11. Full time student as well as directing / editing / producing a video project with a race team. Busy, busy life over here 😅

  12. Who thought that NASCAR sitcom was a good idea? Could have just done NASCAR Drive to Survive. There are better comedy series on Netflix and Talladega Nights, which is also on Netflix, is a better representation of the sport. Easily NASCAR's best contribution to mainstream media. Honestly, its one of my favorite comedy movies and I can still laugh at clips from that movie 15 or so years later. Hopefully the Netflix Bubba Wallace documentary ends up pretty good.

  13. They’ve been trying to do a DTS series, either through NASCAR directly or a third party has tried. I know one third party that’s trying to do it, but money has hindered them. NASCAR has been slowly building up to doing one to kick off the coverage on USA, but they haven’t done much. The only “docuseries” has been the Chase Elliott one from last year

  14. Isn't the big rumor that Bilicki Smithley is going to FRM? My hope is Davison, but who knows.

  15. Did he leave leave or did he just not have any more races scheduled for this season

  16. I think the car won’t even the playing field as much as people have hyped it up to be. The big teams will continue to dominate and the mid back teams will stay where they are. I do see the bottom feeders catching up more to the mid pack teams than the mid pack teams catching up to the top tier teams if that makes sense.

  17. It’s not going to. The cream will rise to the top. The lower end of the pack will rise closer to the middle, and driver talent will matter more, however you’ll still see the same names up front.

  18. I don’t know that they are paying “good money”. They’d presumably buy/build better cars if they had “good money” coming in. They might be paying $5-10 mill to be on everything Rick touches.

  19. Major from 2021 to 2022, but RWR will be on par with Front Row. They both are going to get equal equipment from Ford

  20. There is a video series that’s in production right now that will be focused on an individual team/driver each season, the first season is being filmed right now through the 2022 Daytona 500. As for a Netflix type series that covered the whole field? I think there’s one being made, but I haven’t seen them as much as before. They could do it for 2022

  21. Stewart-Haas Racing and Kevin Harvick. They went from good to really elite when Harvick joined the team. While the team was good beforehand, and already had one title, they became a very consistent threat to be top 10 week in and out.

  22. This is nice, seems like NHRA could use some good news since covid hit. Also if tony ever wants to.....would love to have him in Indy

  23. RWR bought Clay Millican’s team as well. NHRA is getting some good investments and they should be looking good for the future, as long as Marcus keeps his money in

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