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Tiktok fuck exposes Tim Dillon.

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  1. Why would they inspect your van. I'd tell em to mind their own business

  2. All you have to do is create revenue. Foreplay is horrid but makes money through the Classic so Bozo gets to play golf for a living

  3. Foreplay is awesome. The fuck you talking about

  4. Im going to the show in edmonton tonight. Doors at 7pm what time do they actually go on

  5. The show started at 8 but they had a few openers so they ended up coming on at like 8:30, left the stage around 9:50

  6. I think it was actually fine except for Austin fucking up in the beginning

  7. They shouldn't. Cant believe Alberta did. Fucking nazis

  8. That said, ESPN is better than NBC. I liked the chemistry between Chelios and Messier. The intermissions and pre-game were actually worth watching. NBC was absolutely terrible. They did the bare minimum.

  9. Crazy the first episode i listened to was "keep your mouth shut" been hookee ever since

  10. Not a chance id go to China in times like these

  11. Is it Trent singing with Halsey at the end of lighthouse?_/

  12. i thought the same thing! i’d like to think that i recognize his singing well enough to be confident that it’s him.

  13. Same.. hes not credited in the song as singing but i swear he is.

  14. YouTube too? Hate that i cant stream to my tv from the Oilers site

  15. Haha the last one had me dying. Kias are actually decent cars now adays

  16. All you need is a healthcare number and birthdate and you can figure out if and when your MLA got vaccinated. Help you decide if your MLA is truly putting public safety, or their ideology first

  17. Huh dont you need your actual personal health care #?

  18. His lyrics are and have always been genius. He needs to tour!! End this chirade already.

  19. Im not even aware what happened? I remember he made some statement about an ex girlfriend or something.

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