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  1. Thats where you are wrong. His brake meter is fully red no white at all which shows that its a replay.

  2. Reason why is topped playing gran turismo a while back. Penalty system is lazy

  3. Yea its pretty screwed up. I dont mind getting a false penalty (i mean it dont make me happy though) butbi hate getting penalty that clearly should have been on someone else

  4. Horrible move by the inside car followed by a horrible penalty to you.

  5. Yes. Braking is meh on a G29 since you don't get much feedback on braking.

  6. Buy the gteye brake spring when i jad my g29 it changed the experience for me 100%

  7. Chalk this one up to both of you playing with two bar wifi connections and a huge misunderstanding. The Subaru still shouldn't have retaliated though.

  8. You say that but im not OP but i know i have good internet 400/22 i never have all green bars. Me and everyone else in every lobby i join shows 4 yellow bars i feel like somethinf weird is going on with GT7 servers

  9. Fair point, but there's still a connection issue going on. Blame that, and a disproportionate reaction from the other guy.

  10. I havnt really posted about it but have you seen similar issues on your end? Some lobbys i join everyone is red bar then after 10 seconds everyone jumps uo to 4 bars

  11. Ask a question = downvote, point something out = downvote, misspell something = downvote, try to be helpful = downvote, bang someones wife = upvote

  12. Mine has done this for the last 3 days straight. Idk what has caused it

  13. I remember being like 12 and telling myself the next time I play a gran turismo game, I’d only do it with a wheel.. at 32 i I finally got around to it and got my shiny S rating sportsmanship and a C with like 120 races and zero wins. First time I played granturismo. I suck and I’m slow but I’m proud of my month progress. So much fun.

  14. For what its worth. There will always be that one guy in 99% of all sport races. But the higher your rank goes the cleaner the races get from my experience. Started out at the bottom and just made it to A/S last week

  15. No i been playing GT games but when i got GT7 i got a whole new wheel setup and my first loadcell pedals and i was having to adjust to so much all at once my rank took a dive but im back at A now

  16. In my opinion you had established your line and maintained it without deviation. The other car moved into you. Horrible penalty.

  17. Thats exactly my thought process and why i felt i was good. I was straight and never moved the wheel and he just turned across me. People in the comments were saying i should have hit the brakes and let him by (which i dont get)

  18. The only explanation I have is this.

  19. I can see what you mean. I was just asking in real world situatuion was i to blame bc i felt like nothing i did caused that guy to hit me or fly off track. I was on a solid line going straight and he turned into me and toom himself out. What you said does make sense to me though

  20. Ive only got an LT1 and im pretty sure it will only go in the Miata

  21. But you are not using a fantec base. You are using a G29

  22. Different cars, different tracks, more variety for online ranked races. They all count towards your rank. Some peolle may not be there yet to perform in GR cars but can do well in atreet cars. Race C used to always imclude tire changes or pit strategy but in GT7 i have not seen it as much

  23. Okay, that makes sense. Do you think there's less of a pit strategy because the physics wear on the tires less?

  24. No bc they change the tire and fuel wear each week. Its either them being lazy or just getting other things straightened out first id guess

  25. can i play with you guys? i get on occasionally and itd be fun to have someone to play with

  26. Absolutly bro! The more the better! Im on right now. Havnt started the stream yet but im on

  27. okk i gotta sleep soon cause i have school tomorrow will you be on tomorrow afternoon/evening?

  28. Ya i've been S rated since 2017 GT Sport and now GT7. went on a race the other week and was about to win first place and at the last second guy rams me off the track on purpose. never again. just use GT7 for scapes and trial runs lol

  29. This hasnt been my experience at all. I been S SR for a couole of years and there is always one or 2 in every lobby im in

  30. Honestly not a huge fan of the GTR that was the craze a couple weeks ago. It's nice to look at but I'd rather drive the WRX.

  31. Idk if you talking about gr4 or not but i tired it on race b today and holy hell is it difficult to drive

  32. I have had no problems with Grid Legends on my PS5 and I have the same setup (GT DD PRO, V3 pedals, clubsport shifter). Are all of your drivers up to date? Do any of the devices show erratic bahavior in the Fanatec control panel when connected to a PC?

  33. Mind sharing your wheel setting with me

  34. Idk the exact amount but they are a lot more than ive had over the last couple of weeks haha

  35. I really need to stop blowing all my credits or do more tokyo

  36. Guys is there a reliable rough estimate on minimum competitiveness via qualifying times like F1’s 107% rule? I’ve seen some old comments saying 103%.

  37. I have no idea what you are asking since ive never heard of it. Do you mind explaining it to me

  38. I havnt followed F1 til very recently so im learning all kinds of stuff. This is interesting though

  39. It got stale after 14,000 races :p

  40. Then there’s you, arguing with the “bad guy”😮‍💨😩😭😂

  41. Why ypu delete all your stuff tough guy¿

  42. There have been many racing games before Forza. That was already a think on the first GT.

  43. Ive honestly never seen it before horizon 5 butbi havnt always played online

  44. How have i necer noticed those cars basically look the same

  45. I've had mine for two months, it's been the same as day 1 from daily use.

  46. Same here. Got the express version so had mine a while i use it 4 hours a day minimum and mys good as new. He must be gripping the shit out of his wheel

  47. Really enjoyed removing all of these incredibly embarrassing posts. Great use of my time.

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