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  1. Last week i got a Grey unit of the first batch, today i got a grey from the revision, until now what I've noticed:

  2. I think the different screens aren't a part of the hardware revisions but more just general screen lottery.

  3. Yes, I'm using 1.3.0. It's not a filter, it's the interpolation setting right above it. I was using nearest neighbor, but that introduces pixel crawl for me. Set interpolation to Bilinear3x and try Upscale_240x160-320x240.filt or Scale2x.filt. The filter is totally optional, and usually unnecessary. I have no scaling on. What game are you trying? I'm using Mario World and Yoshi's Island for reference.

  4. Yes, it's not a filter. I'm just saying 3X doesn't exist for me for me in my interpolation settings. All I get is a jump from 2X to 4X, I've never seen 3X option before on Garlic.

  5. I believe I saw it somewhere in the patch notes for one of the more recent updates.

  6. Can you drop a link to the exact one you ordered please? I'm looking to do something similar but hard to tell which aliexpress option is the most reliable!

  7. I remember you mentioning how you were done with the 35XX in regards to MinUI due to all the hardware revisions popping up. But I am glad to see you're getting help from the community to continue this project and acknowledging their help in order to do so.

  8. As great as batocera seems, my main hang up on it at least for now is battery life.

  9. I think we should focus the FAQ thread that already exists as the place to post questions.

  10. In theory yes, but most people that post these questions will not bother reading FAQs. Happens in most tech-subreddits. That's why I think a discord channel where you can ask questions is the better way to stop the "spam" in this sub.

  11. I mean if people are already on this subreddit and don't wanna bother finding the FAQ that already exists, I don't think they will take the time to leave this site, and join a server to then ask their question.

  12. Sounds like the RG35XX was the wrong choice for you. Should've picked up the 353v to have an analog stick with similar form factor

  13. Try Super Star Wars for example, heavy slowdowns on Garlic 1.3.2 even on ++ overclock

  14. Then you probably don't have threaded video enabled.

  15. Is that because of Garlic Os? Because this worked fine on the original SD. Honestly, most of the emulators/consoles aren't showing up, but ps1 is the only one I care about.

  16. I think due to Anbernic's variable QC and then upgrading to the v6c board has resulted in GarlicOS playing catch up to slight hardware changes that anbernic made since it first released and it's broken Garlic a bit.

  17. Yeah, I can't recall any hardware issues prior to 6C.

  18. Owls are a top 3 animal for me so the choice is great. But he really just seems like Morgana 2. And it's disappointing.

  19. Internal monologue would be certainly much less annoying, but it's not really a reason why I dislike Morgana.

  20. Surprised no one here has mentioned Pac Man Championship Edition demake on the NES.

  21. Reports on the discord that this one requires a fresh install. Copying over stock was breaking for a lot of people.

  22. GarlicOS is awesome and I’m very thankful for it but I do feel people need to realize how buggy and unintuitive the setup is compared to Onion!

  23. It's a new device with new software... And even then, Anbernic is releasing hardware revisions that is making it even harder to develop for.

  24. Holy shit it's out on phones now?!?!

  25. There was a closed beta last year that I participated in. Long time in the works and it kinda just released outta nowhere not long ago.

  26. Yep. Been through it all. Tried pretty much everything on there. Not sure how to change the default core though. I'm still kinda pissed I've been at this for DAYS trying to get it to work properly.

  27. Single card set up but check check and check. I'm trying to get legend of dragoon to run a PBP file and that doesn't seem to want to work. But I've also tried other games with CHD files and still. Nothing :/

  28. If it's just PS1 then it's for sure a BIOS issue. Try putting bios in the roms folder with your chd's.

  29. Have you looked at the FAQ for fixing poor performing games?

  30. I just checked, there was an option under settings>video>threaded video, once I turned threaded video on it worked like a charm. Thank you!

  31. What are you on about? V6C support was added in garlicos 1.1.5. I have one of the new V6C RG35XX's with larger battery and it works just fine with garlicos.

  32. Not that this affects me since I have a V5 board, but does getting stuck on the boot logo happen frequently?

  33. I've never been a big fan of bezels for retro games, but these 4 systems make so much sense they look good. Particularly the 2 Gameboys. The novelty in making it look like the bezel of the actual hardware is nice.

  34. I’m sad. Virtual Boy audio is a stutter-fest. Hoping that gets full support at some point!

  35. Yeah, that seems to be the case from all the comments, I guess either there was no issue or it got resolved. Hopefully I can get double the SoT with the P7 as I was getting idle time with the S9.

  36. Yeah lol, idk what happened but it keeps crashing/stuttering (camera takes 5-7 seconds to open) and If I actually use the phone It'll go from 90% to 20% in 20ish minutes.

  37. Sounds to me like a combination of a rogue application sucking up your battery plus the battery on the verge of death.

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