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  1. I have a similar proble=m with my oneplus 7T, but sometimes incoming calls don't show up at all. Sometimes they do.

  2. It was solved for me by some helpful techs at a store. The issue was the pocket mode that had bugged out. They disabled pocket mode for me, and now it works perfectly.

  3. Tokyo Drift from the film Fast and Furious : Tokyo Drift.

  4. Do they have permission to do this from KC Green, the original creator?

  5. I disagree with the AI statements, but as far as I know isn't it established policy by Amnesty not to comment on issues within the country it operates? Amnesty France will not comment on issues in France etc. In order to avoid bias.

  6. I really barely played Pathfinder in the first edition, there was no official translation in Brazil, so can someone explain to me the class and what we can expect?

  7. Imagine a caster that, instead of having spells, has a bunch of magically powered abilities that were really blasty and explosive. That's the kineticist. They were also tankier than normal casters.

  8. I'm starting to see why they have a dedicated graffiti artist. I can't say what it was in particular, but that shot of the approach to the door with all the graffiti was great.

  9. So layer six isn’t exactly point of no return/last dive? Since Bondrews and his crew were there before and got back up

  10. He probably used cartridges to get back up.

  11. I wonder if this is part of some kind of new strategy to ban the sale of pornography. By making it difficult for Visa and other payment processors to deal with the industry, they can effectively ban mainstream sale of it.

  12. Mine is a bit hard to explain without visualising first but each at least 90 degrees turn between two flankers gives +1 to hit? Tbh I don't know how to actually put it into written rules, sry.

  13. This is interesting, It would seem quite dangerous in crowded battles.

  14. Being a pharmacist should entail being forced to follow some kind of ethics standards. Religion should not come into the picture at all. He should be forced to service all customers or else quit.

  15. One thing I learned during this fight is that running during combat can be very useful. It helps quick positioning and getting out of the way of his attacks.

  16. Look up onigiri recipes online. Pickled plum is a common filling (though you can also go without)

  17. Is pickled plum very salty or bitter? I've only heard of it from grave of the fireflies

  18. Nazi Ukraine banned the communist party, opposition party, has been arresting communist leaders.

  19. It seems they were banned for genocide denial.

  20. Started watching this by chance a few days ago. Really great. Opening theme is a banger. Great character designs.

  21. Absolutely top tier relic. I take it every chance I get.

  22. Badass. The mask fits so well together with all the other shapes here. Love it.

  23. Hatar hur Amerikaner gråter på twitter om: "Buh huh!! AHUuGh!! Uh! Gas cost 2 cents total per galon this month!!? UAAAAAAAHHHH! Bideeeen!! 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 ", medan resten av världen betalar det dubbla. Snåla jävla jänkare.

  24. Går att förstå till viss del dock med tanke på hur allt där är byggt med bilen i fokus. Man måste ju ha bil för att ta sig fram, och ganska långa sträckor också.

  25. The 2 that come to mind is a simple double [[talk to the hand]] or [[lesson learned]] but any power played twice would be good as well, particularly [[devotion]]

  26. It works great with upgraded Devotion. That gives you 6 mantra per turn which means triggering divinity is as easy as playing a single Worship.

  27. What's the name of the colourless card that costs 1 energy and gives you intangible for one turn? That. THAT is what you use this for.

  28. I truly don't understand hostility towards NFTs for skins and the like, it's just a much better system for the end user. Also I fucking love my reddit NFT, which is my first ever NFT purchase

  29. People are hostile to it because it is pointless. Everything that a game can do with NFTs can be done without NFTs. Just store ownership in a database instead. Faster. Easier.

  30. Storing ownership in a database means you can have that ownership taken away, and the platform can control resale of the item.

  31. The game company can still enable resale of things even without using a blockchain so the blockchain itself is useless for the purpose of enabling reselling.

  32. Breaking the rule a bit but the last few sentences of Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy are mine.

  33. And a glorious book that was.

  34. Zelensky is a liar and now he is the world famous arm dealer!


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