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  1. If you give it an agentic prompt (like "you're a day trader and you want to set up an automated investing strategy"), will it form goals and execute on them?

  2. Would you please provide a few examples of prompts/ contexts this provides?

  3. This looks incredibly powerful! Very cool. It also seems quite tough for a newbie to set up. You list APIs one would need access to- do these cost money to access?

  4. Ownership is going to cease to be the right paradigm for AI-generated content. It's more like a utility we can all access than an IP-generating device.

  5. Collins is such a monster, wasn't surprised to see his name on the author list.

  6. Could you give me some examples of the kind of questions it struggles with? I could use your feedback to improve the prompting

  7. Ok, nevermind, I'm impressed! Going to keep fiddling around with it. I fed it this paper and it answered "what is an antilac" quite well.

  8. I know this is old but just in case anyone stumbles on this question I had the same problem and changing views or restarting Word did not work.

  9. Wooww the aliasing this causes on my phone screen is cool. Awesome design, too

  10. Each school usually has one- i did MSE Undergrad and we had a great one. I'd suggest you reach out to someone in administration in your school to ask.

  11. That description makes me think of mRNA vaccines, gene therapy, cell therapy, biomanufacturing, and similar applications.

  12. Honestly, if a whale literally entered your house, it would probably bring a lot of water with it too, so gpt can be forgiven for missing the dirty here. Dirty or not, you're going to be swimming.

  13. Lol wow, lack of sleep killed me on this one! I retract my idiotic statement

  14. The idea that there is only one experiencing subject, one awareness, that experiences all people - meaning, that in the same way the life of the person reading this sentence now is experienced, i.e. by you, all the other lives, of all the other people and other conscious beings are experienced, i.e. by you - is called Open Individualism (coined by the philosopher Daniel Kolak; but the idea has been around for thousands of years (e.g. is found in Advaita Vedanta)).

  15. Thank you for providing the name for this! Great to know, looking forward to reading Kolak's work. I think it's a profound shift in perspective, and I think at basis it's true. It redefines human values and the whole human project. For me, it makes me more compassionate; I want everyone to flourish and be free of suffering, especially because in this sense I am everyone. It's a thoroughly holistic worldview in contrast to the selfish and individualist worldview we've been handed down in western culture.

  16. Well, that's only one side of it. In context that quote isn't so dire.

  17. Please be careful regarding getting your own device. I have a neuro background but poor self control. I started to do frontal alpha to offset some other symptoms I was having and have gone on to receive an OCD diagnosis since then. Never had any symptoms before. I am 26 for reference.

  18. You’ll pretty much need an EEG or HEG device to do neurofeedback. The cheapest is probably a HEGduino, but it is less mainstream (semi-DIY), which is surely why it’s not on that list. The Mendi is a step up from that in terms of ease of use. Both are nIR HEG devices, so would be used to train your prefrontal cortex (for better attention, and maybe more generally for executive functions, ADHD type stuff). The EEG devices, such as Muse, are generally better at relaxation/meditation and things like that (treating anxiety and such), at least as far as consumer devices are concerned. That’s my slightly informed take on the options, but maybe others here will have more tips. You can search, questions about consumer devices come up frequently.

  19. Awesome, huge thanks again. My friend said "Ok hell yes!! Very good to know"

  20. I love these creative prompts, humanity + AI is a frighteningly powerful combination

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