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Tucson police officer fired after fatally shooting a 61-year-old in a mobility scooter nine times

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  1. Not as expensive as eating out every day but that doesn’t mean people are going to do that

  2. Maybe if workers owned the places they worked then they could return all that profit they send off to the CEOs to invest back into themselves so we could all have this

  3. Couldn't safely use taser supposedly. But nine gunshots, that was totally doable.

  4. Or just fucking shoot the mobility scooter? If you must insist on stopping someone from "getting away" and they are on a mobility scooter, it seems like the obvious solution is right in front of you.

  5. I think that’s beside the point though. There are so many other cases of police abusing force even with people who can walk or run away fine. It still doesn’t excuse the dogshit behavior

  6. Not sure how eating sauerkraut helps remembering his heritage, but it's healthy af so definitely worth it!

  7. Some of us strive for bigger and better. I have decided a life of no friends is the life for me

  8. Bruh they literally buying 32k retro indie bs gorillas. But yeah I can’t buy a house because Starbucks.

  9. Yo I try to stay up on stuff, but you gotta give me a hint on 32k retro indie bs gorillas. I have no fucking idea what you're even saying right now.

  10. The protesting really gets me because Americans really have been so brainwashed to view my form of protesting as automatically bad and annoying. The literal entire point of a protest is to grind things to a halt. The point is to block traffic and cause a ruckus. The point is that people refuse to acknowledge your issue so your only choice is to FORCE them to look.

  11. I love when people complain that people protesting block the roads. Especially climate activists. Meanwhile climate change is literally wiping out bridges, causing mudslides in BC Canada, hurricanes and other natural disasters that people are still not fully recovered from... but yeah the people who are on the streets are the issue.

  12. Also the criminal charges. He is facing up to 20 years in prison. Of course he won't get 20 years for just a shove but they take this shit seriously. He ruined his life just to feel big.

  13. He’s gonna go cry forever to all his friends about cancel culture ruining society 🤣

  14. Public exposure at a bowling ally right ? Only the highest of American standards

  15. Long post on common sense. You can't fix stupid so why try?

  16. Nestle still exists because they own so many companies under different names it’s not even close to worth sorting it out. They make so many of the essential/convenient items that it’s not worth it. And most people can’t be bothered to even figure out all the companies they own

  17. Most Americans are happy with the system as it is. They believe the poor should be punished and demonized for having the temerity to try and survive, while the rich have a right to rob people blind and not pay taxes. America: a terrorist monstrosity that successfully masquerades as a force for universal good.

  18. Yeah it’s incredible how much anger you can trigger with some Americans by simply suggesting that people shouldn’t starve or should have access to healthcare.

  19. China is the richest country on the planet.

  20. I wonder where all that money came from and also curious why it matters.

  21. Well based on that definition I don’t think many of us are real adults. I think it’s more about someone’s willingness to learn and grow

  22. Learning accurate American history has now become synonymous with attacking America and the great ideals it supposedly stands for.

  23. This driver was much nicer and more calm than I would have been lol. “You can’t drive like that!” lol

  24. asr says:

    Being nice like that is more effective.

  25. I understand. You’re not wrong but my patience runs thin because I have enough bullshit to deal with working in retail

  26. I want to defend my State, but Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont are just so much more laid back, and the people are much nicer.

  27. Yeah between other factories that could make it and us being able to send excess doses I don’t understand why this has been such a hard issue to tackle

  28. Actually a better answer is releasing vaccine patents so we can have better access everywhere not just in rich countries

  29. Racoon navy would be light years better and more capable of doing good for the world than the real one

  30. Yup, that's what I did! Not because I'm smart, am just broke.

  31. What about her tax the rich dress that cost how much? Created by a rich designer who owes thousands in back taxes

  32. Wasn’t she donated the dress? Also literally why does it matter. People like her are not the problem in society. Yes there are problematic members of Congress. But get real. That whole stunt was silly but at the end of the day it doesn’t change the fact that we are all screwed over more when billionaires aren’t paying taxes

  33. If you get duped into getting the shot because you’re that horny and desperate society is literally better off because of that even if she stops responding so I don’t see the problem here.

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