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  1. Imaging hitting a pedestrian with this.

  2. You should keep old Fiats away from any water.

  3. Try parkbee to reserve a spot in advance. Prices are way better. Most of the time they are parking spots from offices that are closed in the weekends/evenings.

  4. This is the Turbo. You can see it at the rims!

  5. I was on the phone with my girlfriend who grew up in Europe and I was freaking out because I've never seen one in person. She was making fun of me because of how terrible she said they are. Are they that bad?

  6. Old french cars are rust buckets. The new ones are alright, just some weird quircks like a really small steering wheel.

  7. Wait until you hear people talk about Zoetermeer

  8. It's weird to me how people always talk shit about Zoetermeer and Lelystad, but allow Hoofddorp to fly under the radar.

  9. Even on reddit i lose my karma when talking about Zoetje

  10. Apple Pay & Google Pay work everywhere. Cash is not needed at 99% of the shops.

  11. Poffertjes, stroopwafels, burgundisch (?) vlees slaatje, fietsroutes/laan, fantastisch humor dat Nederlanders over zich zelf kunnen lachen.

  12. Zijn er mensen die die slaatjes echt eten????

  13. I have the gray. I like the gray. I hate the glossblack in my car :(

  14. Louwman Museum in The Hague (Netherlands). They have an amazing car collection, from race cars to Swan cars.

  15. The new Fiat 500 in Europe only comes in electric, but of course we aren’t getting it in the US

  16. But we did not had the original 500e. The ones driving around are imported from the USA (there is no 20 year old rule thing here).

  17. Btw, i think i drove the same route today. Was this on the A2?

  18. Last one, but i think the logo is a little bit too big

  19. wouldn’t even call my car stanced, y’all just get so upset over something that’s different

  20. The solution is simple. Leave the subreddit if you don’t like it here.

  21. Dutch, because she is made in The Netherlands? ;)

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