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  1. Dental health is considered important and most people seem to go to the dentist regularly. Brushing and flossing is seemingly done by the very majority of the population at a twice daily basis at least. Still dental care is not covered by the public health services or supported financially with very few exemptions. It’s free for kids up towards 18 years. Dental care services are costly and many can’t afford regular visits or at least any serious procedures.

  2. If you can bear a 30 minutes commute and less life immediately around you, you can traditionally score some extra value. This becomes increasingly difficult though as more and more places outside of Oslo are turned into apartments only areas with less single and row houses available. You have to commute longer and longer into the rural countryside for a house and a garden nowadays.

  3. Yeah, I had to move all the way to Eidsvoll to get something with space...

  4. Which is now just 30 minutes by train and almost without any new houses built. Only apartments are built in Eidsvoll now, at least centrally located. The municipality even plans and allows houses to be torn down to only build apartments. Which isn’t why people want to move all the way to Eidsvoll, if people want to move there they want their own space. The place is dead and with nothing going on, can’t be any fun to be stuck in an apartment then.

  5. What are some trad vacation destinations in Europe?

  6. Well, you see. Europe is a continent consisting of more than 50 different independent countries depending on how you count. Each of these countries have their singularities, unique regions, towns and cities, as well as their own languages and cultures. It all depends on what you want to see and experience. Do you want to wander around up in the mountains of Slovakia, chill at a beach in Croatia, cultural experiences in Antwerp or get absolute shit face drunk together with the British in Magaluf. The choice is yours. Europe is more than just Paris, London and Côte d’Azur.

  7. I wouldn’t use one unless I worked at a bank

  8. I remember for about 10 years ago rugby shirts seemed to be popular at least among the preppy population. The last decades they seemed to just almost disappear to seemingly not being found anywhere, with the exception for a few offerings by PRL, but to the end almost none from them either. One of my friends was one of few I saw continued using them. I’ve grown more fan by time and have now found myself wanting more. It seems to have had some sort of a small renaissance the last year with some offerings by the usual suspects and I picked one up from PRL last year. Almost straight out of the 80s/90s in red and white stripes and everything. It’s just that it’s a bit dull and thin compared to what it used to be 10 years ago. One I bought in 2012 was really cool with broad boxes of colours, badges, proper rigid off-white jersey collar and thick extra cross sewn shoulders. I want something like that back!

  9. IANAL, men jeg tror det skal en del til for at et barn (eller deres foreldre) kan holdes økonomisk ansvarlig for uhell som man må forvente at kan skje gitt modenhetsnivået til barnet.

  10. Det er riktig at paragrafen i skl. som du henviser til er relevant, men et slikt tilfelle som dette vil normalt dekkes av forsikringsselskapene til både skadelidte og eventuelt skadevolders mor. Det vil derimot forøvrig kunne oppstå et regresskrav fra et av forsikringsselskapene mot moren på grunnlag av uaktsomhet som strekker seg utover forsikringens dekningsområde, som igjen vil kunne sies å bygge på et slikt erstatningsansvar som skl. § 1-2 statuerer.

  11. Er født i 93. Sang før maten, sa Fader vår før første time, og ingen fikk gå fra skulen etter dagen var over før alle stilte seg opp og sa velsign oss gud fader velsign oss guds son jadda jadda

  12. Jeg synes det er ingenting i Norge sammenliknet med andre land.

  13. How do people get their cappuccinos that dry?

  14. For maximum foam you can use a foamer which whip the milk into nothing but foam.

  15. I simply can’t seem to memorise pieces, at least not full out for both hands. I memorise parts, accents, dynamics and pedalling after what I’ve been doing previously and also know where on the keyboard my hands shall be as I play a piece. Although I’m completely blank when it comes to playing without scores. On the contrary I’m a racer on sight reading and can do well on serious pieces in a single first attempt.

  16. I am the same way! Getting through recitals in college was SO nerve racking! But I passed through sheer Will and determination. I couldn’t play any of those from memory now 15 years later

  17. I’ve never been forced to play by memory and have never learned much technique to do so either. I’m very much against the tradition of forcing people to play by memory. I find it archaic, silly and ridiculously rigid.

  18. I’m brewing 400-420ml from 24 grams of coffee on my 02 and 200-210ml from 12 grams of coffee on my 01. I think they got some minimum and maximum limits. The extraction will be easily weak if you brew too little and you’ll run into trouble if you try to brew too much. All depending on your method of course.

  19. If it’s not the beans, it’s certainly the temperature that’s too low.

  20. That’s also a possibility. I got moments myself where I don’t want to bother with making espresso the proper way nor do pour over, so I actually just got a Nespresso myself for those days.

  21. Keep the nespresso to remind yourself why you upgraded :)

  22. In my case the Nespresso came last, actually last week after been doing proper espresso for almost two decades. Some of the capsules I’ve tried haven’t been too bad, especially after I adjusted the water amount down from 40ml to 25ml in the cup. Many of them tastes like classic Italian style espresso. Very convenient when I want espresso but don’t want to make espresso.

  23. Kjørt der noen tusen ganger ja så godt kjent i området. En skam hvordan Eidsvoll kommune ikke gjør noe. Et skred og en av de viktigste veiene på Østlandet er utilgjengelig.

  24. Er ikke Eidsvoll kommune sitt ansvar, men heller (vært) fylkeskommunen sitt. Hjalp vel heller ikke at Akershus ble slått sammen med Østfold og Buskerud. Den veien har allerede vært slik i flere tiår med få utbedringer.

  25. Når viktige landbruksområder i verden tørker ut og blir rammet av krig er det vel strengt tatt ikke noe annet å forvente.

  26. I somewhat agree with you, but it’s still a lot about technique and general discussion around coffee as well as equipment. You got guys like me still hanging around here, despite having had the same machine and grinder for a decade. Still not going to replace it before I have to.

  27. Does anyone here actually put a coin in the cutout of their penny loafers? I just saw it for the first time the other day and it caught me off guard; did some digging on why they’re even called penny loafers and it made more sense. Still, seems kinda kitschy to me

  28. My uncle actually do, and I did myself for a while. A friend of mine who owns a shop put coins in mine once when I came by.

  29. Thanks man appreciate the advice! That was probably the reason, I bought this used and tried the setting the grinder was set to, the grinder was struggling to produce any ground coffee, real slow.

  30. Sounds like it’s set way too fine for the coffee you’re using. This happens to all of us now and then as well, my grinder clogs now and then too if it’s got too much to chew at once. You should clean the grinder to get out old coffee. Unscrew the upper burr, find a brush, a vacuum cleaner and get to work. Do that once in a while and you’ll be better off.

  31. Okay thanks will do! I’ve actually managed to pull a few shots. A little bit too sour for my liking but having drank mostly Italian espresso I may have to develop a certain taste for lighter roasts right?

  32. No roast or coffee is necessarily equal, it might just be this you have now that might be a bit acidic. It can be one of the treats that comes from coffee, but doesn’t has to be. The most important is that you drink what you want to drink, but also trying to widen one’s horizon might be fun. I’m still a fan of dark Italian blends with oils clogging my grinder, but I’m just as much fan of a light roasted Ethiopian single origin.

  33. I think you’re meant to play it between the two movements below, after the Db and before the Bb. You have to time it and connect it with the next Ab.

  34. You don’t necessarily become rich by being a chef, being a waiter or owning a restaurant, but the pay is decent and secured by minimum wage levels. Restaurants are often staffed with foreign workers who sometimes (read: usually) are tricked into worse conditions than they’re entitled to. It’s said that most restaurants are happy to break even, especially the most fancy ones with Michelin stars. The restaurant scene in Norway is pretty complex. From the simple serving everything taverns in the outbacks often at the side of the road which miraculously lives on and on decade after decade to the more hip phenomena raising in the cities only to close just as fast. Chains comes in many shapes and forms, from the usual fast food names to pizzerias and taco shops. Some are purely restaurants which opened one more location eventually and then another one, and then another one. Many restaurants are owned by conglomerates having many venues under their wings, while others have been owned by the same family for decades. Many restaurants and cafes that wouldn’t survive otherwise have been brought new life by immigrants often from Asia who often manage to steer it with minimal turnover. Most places in Norway still only got a gas station with hot dogs behind the counter as a culinary highlight.

  35. I still hold my Pelikan M200 as my favourite daily writer and the one I reach for the most, despite having others and more expensive pens with gold nibs.

  36. At least it seems like you can walk on the side of the road

  37. I had a slow day so I visited Ivy-Style when I really should've just been researching golf bags. I found myself thinking what joke article could I come up with that might be taken seriously on the site and I would like to present to you: "Which Crackers are Which Ivy?"

  38. Phhh Old money would bring their crackers in from France.

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