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  1. Question for Al: Hi, big fan of you both. Here’s my question: how did Radcliffe specifically get cast, and did you have any say in the casting?

  2. I’ve always been incredibly impressed by Dan’s acting, particularly his range. He can do comedic parts as well as scarily intense dramatic parts, and he’s phenomenal at both. And that’s something we were specifically looking for, because even though this movie is a comedy, we wanted it to play like a very serious Oscar-bait Hollywood biopic. That tone is very specific and hard to pull off, and we knew Daniel would absolutely nail it. I’ve also been very impressed by his choice of film roles post-Potter… he’s chosen a lot of (I hate to over-use the word, but) “weird” projects, so I thought this movie might be right up his alley! And as an added plus, I was aware that we both shared an admiration for musical comedy legend Tom Lehrer, so even though I’d never met Dan before casting him, I had a strong feeling that we were kind of kindred spirits. - Al

  3. I don't have a favorite, but I'll say NOT Rocky Road... just because I was forced to eat sooooooo much of it when that song came out in the '80s. - Al

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