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  1. and just like that, she now has so many diseases some of them are fatal just from entering her meat curtains yall 👏

  2. flair is xbox mod/addon and there’s an antonov in the picture, when is the antonov getting dropped on xbox?

  3. oh shit! ur right! thanks man, i’ve been waiting for it forever now 😂

  4. i support russia so don’t make me sound like a zelenskyy boot sucker but he literally just mentioned skyorcs in kyiv? he never said anything about zelenskyy or putin

  5. and if you set it to 150% OP's mom shows up in the cabin!

  6. I can't wait to put my tongue inside the new wet pussy inside her I can't wait to taste pussy inside her I can't wait to suck longer I can't wait to do it but just come in my mouth I can't wait to turn her on in your pussy I just need to love make love to pussy and Juice the pussy might come inside the pussy might eat her out I might clean her out I might slurp her out I would never want her to take her pussy off my face I'm going to eat here out I'm going to slurp it out I'm going to juice her out and I'm going to fall in love with that pussy I never want to stop inside her cuz I when I hear the juice inside her pussy I want to eat her out eat it all out suck it all out juice it all out of her get that juice out of her out of that pussy

  7. Do you like shit on the floor? Because that’s how you get shit on the floor.

  8. Easy explanation: your character isn't dump truck certified

  9. but he knows how to drive a tank, con a submarine, fly a fucking cargo plane or fighter jet?

  10. Ukrainian. Like a lot of their other aerospace tech lol.

  11. If you go into Microsoft website you can manually request refund for the purchase.

  12. the microsoft website as in 😂 no seriously i need to know how bc i hate the F22 that i bought

  13. I definitely use it as more of a simulator. I feel too guilty to steal/ loot things so I always buy everything. I don’t hunt animals and get very upset when I have to kill wolves or other predators when they attack me. I always try to be nice to people (even the npcs) but there was one time a guy came up and punched me for no reason so I shot him. (I was very upset because my horse had just died and I was trying to buy a new one)

  14. Actually I have been wondering if it's worth buying

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