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  1. In b4 “All European clubs fear Real Madrid who fear Barcelona”

  2. A woman known as the "New York patient" received a stem cell transplant to cure her HIV, and now, she's been virus-free and off her HIV medication for about 30 months, researchers report.

  3. Happened to me once, i resigned stating marriage as the reason, but the new company didnt give me the job despite the offer letter, so told the company my marriage got cancelled and rejoined them again. I then gave them a second resignation after getting another good job and they were like are you sure:). Not sure if you can try this out....

  4. Same here. Quite amazed that they managed to do this solely via upvotes.

  5. A new disease called plasticosis has been discovered in wild birds and is caused solely by plastic pollution, a recent study has found.

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