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You guys wanted to see it, here they are! Nearly 1,400 usernames on our rear bumper at Talladega this weekend! Let me know if you see yours! (You can also really see my reflection😂)

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  1. I thought this was going to be an ironic post about the first table breaking just by someone being placed on it.

  2. You're right, and I'm pretty sure I saw a Google advertisement somewhere (Maybe it was Iowa), but I doubt it's a huge investment, unfortunately.

  3. Google (as well as Doordash) were B2B deals brought in via Hy-Vee (Hy-Vee uses Google Cloud for a good bit of their IT backend).

  4. That’s what caught my eye as well. Apparently after the 1992 season, one of the minority owners of Galmer sold his stake to Bruce McCaw, the owner of PacWest. Maybe they just threw it on there to keep the copyright/trademark active?

  5. In 1995, Alan Mertens wasn't designing/building chassis, but Galmer Engineering as a firm was still doing a good bit of R&D work on existing chassis, including Pacwest.

  6. That finish reminded me of the Coke race, but drivers actually get penalized here.

  7. Has there ever been a Summit sponsored Cup/NASCAR car? I thought it was mainly an NHRA thing

  8. It wasn't actually by being a popular guy (Bill was very introverted, especially during race weekends).

  9. Part of me wonders if there were supposed to be more Barbara Clary segments that they weren't able to do because of her audio not working?

  10. In hindsight, that was probably a good thing - she was already interviewing Dusty a bunch of times about how he was going to challenge the winner of Flair/Race; I don't think we needed any more.

  11. If we knew there would be pizza-based chants, I would have rather had Little Guido and Big Sal make a cameo instead.

  12. There is a standing offer by an FTF league admin to pay the entry fees of a real world national series driver of Dorman's #46 in an FTF Cup Series race.

  13. The things people will do to get the new Logitech DD wheel and load cell pedals...

  14. If my ma wasn't dead, I'd tell her, "Look ma, I'm on a race car!"

  15. Not according to that trash rag known as the New Orleans Tribune... Just saying.

  16. Not sure how Allgaier thought 4-wide would work there...

  17. “Put this man to work.”

  18. Anything for Moss Motors - Sharon Moss is a much better fit for Fright Trail commercials.

  19. The master of The Empire™, Rick Ware, made his BGN debut in the

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