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On Peloton and Mental Health

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  1. It keeps me sane. I’m a mess when I miss a workout. I just feel off mentally and physically. I’ve been running since I was 14 and doing triathlons since I was 18 (I’m 37) so at this point it’s just a necessary part of my life.

  2. So so true. A few months back, I went through a period of having no energy and I literally wanted to cry because I couldn't push hard. It seems silly, but having that release of really going for it is so, so important for my mental health.

  3. I was extremely lazy throughout my 20s and even my early 30s. I lived in NYC and walked a lot, but that was basically it. I was also seriously overweight and had an extremely unhealthy diet. What eventually led me to change was meeting my partner and realizing I wanted us to have as much HEALTHY time together as possible and also seeing my mother's extreme decline because of an unhealthy lifestyle. She's only 60 but she's already in a nursing home with so many health issues I can't even list them all. She can't walk without a walker, is in constant pain, and is just... not living much of a life. I don't want to end up like that. I want to be strong and mobile for as long as possible. That makes it easy to show up every day.

  4. To be honest, I really can't believe there hasn't been a Kylie Minogue artist series, especially during Pride month. What are you doing, Peloton??? This is easily one of the most obvious choices ever.

  5. I only add salt and pepper when I get the no added sugar Heinz ones. Otherwise, they should be seasoned enough. Of course, the cheese is a mandatory topping!

  6. Only Hannah could do this ride justice. I put up an Insta Story saying as much and requesting some tracks from Frank as well and she replied saying, "Babe, trust me, I love Frank!" so I'll take that as a yes. I never really ride at 8pm but for this, I'll make an exception!

  7. Haha, love this reply!!! I never ride at 8pm either. Undecided as to whether I’ll make an exception! But I’ll definitely take on demand, if not! Enjoy! 😊

  8. Yes, can't wait! I'm a massive Amy fan and have been for more than a decade. Really thrilled they decided to do this. Enjoy when you take it as well! :)

  9. Sean Murphy has never been great to watch. His matchplay isn't particularly impressive or exciting and his attitude stinks. He thinks the sun shines out of his own ass and then puts up scores like this. Obviously players can't be on for every single match, but come on.

  10. I know. I'm American so to me it's just a turnip, but I'm starting to finally integrate after 5.5 years... :P

  11. I always thought Americans call them Swedes as well! It's definitely turnip in a lot of the British isles, just the English and maybe Welsh that say swede, and even then I'm not sure about the north

  12. Oh man, it shows how long I've been here now that I can't even remember the American equivalents of things. Apparently, according to Google, we actually call swede "rutabaga" in the States, though I probably didn't remember since they're not really very commonplace, whereas they definitely are here!

  13. I’m sure France is nice but Paris can go fuck itself, we were treated like shit by absolutely everyone, everyone just had such a fucking attitude, we even went with my sister who speaks French in an attempt to not force them to speak English like typical tourists and they were still cunts. So many restaurants would seat us but refuse to actually serve us until we had to just leave. I don’t think it helped that we went rome the year before and that was amazing

  14. That's such a shame! Admittedly, I've only been to Paris (want to travel more extensively in France but haven't had the opportunity to do so yet) but have been many times now and love it. I'm a New Yorker who lives in the UK now, so not sure if that makes a difference in terms of how I viewed the people, but Paris is the city I feel the most "at home" at in terms of being the closest to NYC, in a weird way.

  15. Funny! I’ve heard from so many people say Rome was a huge disappointment and underwhelming…

  16. Did not enjoy Rome at all, which was a shame. The constantly hassling/heckling when you told the scammers to leave you alone was offputting to say the least. Thought the food was average as well despite eating at places deemed the best of the best. There are several other cities in Italy I'd love to visit (all of them, really!) but wouldn't return to Rome. The ruins were great and the Colosseum but I was ready to leave after a couple of days.

  17. I literally had zero hopes for Ronnie going into this final (and I say that as a big Ronnie fan), but goddamn, he knows how to pull it out of the bag… and then totally disregard his success in the post-match interview like only he can 😂😂

  18. Definitely agree. Jess was just talking about this on the 15 minute pop ride I took a bit ago. Movement is so central to overall wellness, mental and emotional just as much as physical, I feel. The bike/tread/floor is a place to clear your mind, let the stress/anxiety/sadness/anger/whatever sweat right out of your body, and give yourself a bit of space. Getting our bike last August is one of the best things we ever did.

  19. It’s back up. But I’ve lost my stack. It took me ages to put that bad boy together…anyone else?!

  20. Yeah, no stack here either and no option to create a new one. Then again, it's not actually fully fixed yet, so I'm just going to have to hold out I guess :(

  21. Sadly not. The website loads and apparently you can do iOS app workouts, but the bike and tread are still non-operational, and the site is glitchy at best (you can see classes but if you click on it to bring up the details, you get a spinning circle of death).

  22. Waiting For Guffman is pretty high up there, for sure. There are so many quotes from this movie I can't get started or I'll never stop.

  23. I didn't really think it was great advertisement, but I also don't think people are gullible enough to feel that it was a realistic situation, so like another commenter said, I doubt it'll affect much in the grand scheme of things. It did crack me up to see Jess as "Allegra" though!

  24. I feel like everyone always says (myself included) that JoJo is ridiculously underrated, and it's true, commercially speaking. However, all vocalists in the industry as well as fans of solid vocals know that very few can touch this girl. The runs, the notes, the swagger... she's so good. Admittedly, I didn't love Trying Not To Think About It as much as I wanted to, but then again, I haven't listened to it as much as I should. Gotta pop that on now. I do love some Joanna!

  25. Love to see Miss B get a shoutout. Wasn’t even aware she had a new EP out though and I consider myself a fan, I’ll have to check it out!

  26. I did read a recent interview with her where she was talking about how she likes collaborating with people because she experiences music in a different way and she can get nervous performing on her own so it's like a comfort blanket. She also started out doing features, so I suppose in a way it was harkening back to the beginning of her career? I do agree though, not her best work.

  27. Katy On A Mission is such a bop for me. It's also one of the best songs EDM has to offer. I remember her being pushed on MTV around 2011. Around the same time fellow British pop ladies Jessie J and Adele were blowing up. It's a shame though that the song didn't really hit much outside the UK and I haven't heard much from her since.

  28. Yeah it's weird - I live in the UK now but I'm from Brooklyn and still lived in New York when it came out. I seem to have a collective memory of Katy On A Mission but can't remember how I heard it. She's definitely underrated outside the UK (and you could say even inside the UK as of 2021!)

  29. I didn't like Radiohead because I thought they were boring (Amnesiac). Then I heard "Just (You Do It To Yourself)" in a friend's car and was like HOW CAN THIS BE RADIOHEAD BECAUSE I LOVE IT. I still don't like Amnesiac, though, lol.

  30. I feel like everyone goes through a phase with Radiohead where they just don't get it and are like, "eh..." and then one day, you hear a particular song of theirs and something clicks and you're like, "Oh, shit!!" That happened to me my freshman year in college with "Idioteque" and I've really loved them ever since.

  31. The first album was pretty obnoxious and while I'd sing along to her songs on the radio, I wasn't feeling it. However, Future Nostalgia really snapped and I'm a fan. Don't really follow her on a daily basis but hoo boy, that album is legendary.

  32. I was working for a website at the time that did X Factor USA recaps so I remember them coming up through the show and thought they were pretty good. However, I also knew they were kinda doomed because for some reason, the US just does not take well to girl groups (Spice Girls were the exception, but that was mid-'90s). I think each of them has individual talent but only a couple have the charisma to be solid artists in their own right, which is kinda what happened in the end. I never followed them when they were together hardcore, but I'm interested to see what Normani does moving forward. Not a fan of Camila though I'll admit she's got bops, and never really paid attention to Lauren.

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